During the holiday season, the Calhoun Police Department will be participating with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety in the Click it or Ticket Campaign, designated for Nov. 17 -Nov. 26, 2017. The CPD will also be checking speed very closely.

As the Christmas holiday shopping season quickly approaches, the CPD would like to ask citizens to be very conscious of their surroundings when out and about on the streets of Calhoun. Here are some of the things they would ask you to do for your security and the protection of your purchases:

-If you shop at night, don't go alone. Have someone with you and be very observant of your surroundings. If you leave valuables in your vehicle while out shopping, place them in the trunk of your vehicle, don't leave them in the car where they are visible. If you purchase items and are going to leave your vehicle again, place the items in the trunk out of sight. Always lock your car.

-When shopping, don't flash large amounts of cash; be very discreet when getting your money out of your purse or wallet. If you use a credit card or debit card, look for anyone watching to obtain your card numbers and be sure your card is returned to you. When writing checks, be very careful that no one can read your account number and again, be very careful to keep your checkbook in your possession.

-Ladies, while shopping, keep your purse within arm's length; don't leave them unattended in your shopping cart. Keep your purse closed, don't open where the contents are visible and accessible.

-Be especially careful of phone calls this time of year asking for any personal information. Don't give out personal information, unless you made the call and know who you are speaking with.

-When you take your gifts home, keep your doors locked when not home. If you are out of the house, close the curtains or blinds. Good common sense is the best protection.

The Calhoun Police Department will be conducting numerous Road Safety Checks in conjunction with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety during the holiday season. At these road checks, the CPD will be placing emphasis on seat belts, unsafe drivers and unsafe vehicleswe want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season.