County Elections Office prepares for transition to a Board of Commissioners

Walker County Elections Director Danielle Montgomery looks over the district map.

The first Board of Commissioners election in Walker County doesn't take place until 2020, but the staff at the Elections Office is already hard at work making sure every voter is placed in the correct district.

"We are working with the GIS for Walker County and trying to get each street in each district, so we have every street in every district, so we can put that into our system," Danielle Montgomery, director of Elections, said. "And that way, if someone looks up on their 'My Voter Page' they can see what district they are in. It is a long and tedious process."

It could take several months for Montgomery and her team to complete this task. Meanwhile, voters with questions about which district they are in can contact the Elections office for verification.

"We have some maps," Montgomery said, "and we'd be glad to answer any questions or emails about what district they are in, because we can see it, but we haven't gotten it into the system where they can see it."

As for those wanting to run for office, Montgomery said there are some important steps to consider before moving forward.

"You need to fill out a Declaration of Intent,' she said. "It's also known as a DOI, before you can accept money. So, no business cards, no signs or anything until you've completed this Declaration of Intent."

Forms can be obtained from the Elections Office on the bottom floor of the courthouse in LaFayette. For more information, call 706-638-4349 or email the Elections Office at


Four district commissioners and an at-large chairperson will be on the ballot. Party qualifying takes place in 2020 from March 2-6, with the primary scheduled for May 19. Those wanting to run as an Independent should contact the Elections Office to learn more about that process. "It's a little bit more in-depth than running under a party system," Walker County Elections Director Danielle Montgomery said. The general election is set for Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. The inaugural group of district commissioners and board chair will takes office on Jan. 1, 2021.