City unanimously votes in favor of new organizational chart at latest Council meeting

Councilman George Crowley, second from left, discusses the City's organizational chart at Monday's meeting, with, from left, Councilman Ray Denmon, City Administrator Eddie Peterson, Mayor Jimmy Palmer, Council members Al Edwards and Jackie Palazzolo.


At the most recent meeting of the Calhoun City Council on Monday night, the Council voted unanimous approval of the 2018 Proposed Organizational Chart. This will separate the City utilities business back into its own entity, away from General Government, and will add back the position of Director of Utilities, similar to the way it was prior to the 2016 change to the organizational chart which eliminated the Director of Utilities position and put the utilities business under general government.

"It's more than a reporting issue; it's a planning issue and an accounting issue for us," said Councilman George Crowley. "When you look back at the growth of the utilitiesit's 75 percent of the city's budget at this time; around 60 million dollars of 80 million dollars. It's more of a planning issue because those utilities have morphed a lot over the years. Utilities has become more competitive. The electric system now has competitors and the water systems are now beginning to see some activity from private individuals who want to go in and buy the water systems as well. It takes a lot and it takes a dedicated manager to plan for the future of what we want to do."

Under the new chart, General Government will be headed by the City Administrator and Utilities will be headed by the Director of Utilities. Both sides will report to the Mayor and Council. Also, the City's Department of Finance will report to both the General Government and Utilities business.

The motion was brought to a vote and all four Council members voted yes for the new Organizational Chart.

City Attorney George Govignon will now rewrite the personnel ordinance and the City will hold another public hearing once that is complete. The change is expected to be implemented within a couple of months.

In other news from the meeting:

The Council approved an annexation and zoning request for Raceway Groceries, located at 1133 South Wall Street.

The Council also approved an annexation and zoning request for Bellwood Nursery. During the meeting, the Council voted to approve a $300,000 loan application from the Revolving Loan Account, to be paid back over a period of 15 years, to Bellwood Nursery and Landscaping.

A variance request for Arby's, by Phillip Beamer, for a side setback of 6 feet, from 10 feet to 4 feet, was approved by the Council.

Beer and Wine Package Licenses for Rite Aid #11828 on Red Bud Road and Rite Aid #4751 on South Wall Street were both approved.

An amended Special Event Permit for the United Way of Gordon County Young Leaders Society to change the alcohol vendor to Wall Street Catering Company, located at 106 North Wall Street, for the Food Truck's and Friends event on April 13 was approved, along with a Temporary Outdoor Alcohol Special Event Permit for Wall Street Catering. The changes were requested due to the closing of Wall Street Grille, who was originally going to be the alcohol vendor for the event.

The next regular meeting of the Calhoun City Council will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 26 at the Depot Conference Room in downtown Calhoun.