Children of Calhoun

Mignon Ballard

Though many are born in small towns, it's becoming rare that children born and raised in such places stay there when they grow up. The Calhoun Times recently sat down with three individuals who were born and raised in Calhoun during the 1930s-1950s.

Mignon Ballard, Jane Powers Weldon and James "Jim" Lay were all born within four years of each other, and grew up when Calhoun was a bit different than it is today. Throughout their lives, they have been able to experience Calhoun through what it was and what it is now, observing the many changes that have taken place over time.

Family histories

While Ballard, Powers Weldon and Lay each have detailed histories with Calhoun, these natives were not the first in their families to be born in the area. All three of them were preceded by ancestors who moved to the town long before they were born.

"My kin folks got here in 1832, and my Aunt Bea Hall started the Calhoun School system in 1902," said Lay, pointing to a wall in his house that displayed years of family photographs. "One of her nephews, Jim Hall, was one of the editors of the Calhoun Times."

Lay, who was born in the house he still lives in, the Stoneleigh House on Fain Street, has an endless amount of stories regarding his parents, grandparents and extended family members living in Calhoun. One of his favorite stories to tell is about his Great-Great Aunt Mary who was living in Calhoun when the Yankees marched through town following the Civil War.