Woodmen of the World Chapter 436 recently made some special presentations to Troop 247 Boy Scouts.

Johnny Miller, on behalf of Woodmen of the World, made the presentations during the Boy Scouts’ regular meeting held Monday, July 24, in the Scout building located in Centre City Park.

“I was noticing the Boy Scout Oath,” Miller commented. “If you will take that and put it in your heart, and leave it through adulthood, that will carry you a long good way. If adults would also put that in their hearts, they would also be better adults as well.”

“We are presenting you a new set of flags, the American and State Flag,” said Miller. “So on behalf of Woodmen of the World, Woodman Life, Chapter 436, we would like to present these to you all.”

The 5 x 8 flags will be flown regularly in front of the Scout building.

And the flags are not all Woodmen had for the scouts, Miller said.

“We brought you some American Patriot handbooks,” said Miller.

“And it has a bio of all the presidents,” said Miller. “We don’t have Donald in here just yet, but it does have all the presidents through President Obama.”

“It also tells you how to display the flag, how to fold the flag,” said Miller. “I am sure you guys already know all that but this is a good reference to it. Not only will this help you with scouting but will also help you with the history. This is a good resource we want to leave with everybody.”

Woodmen of the World, Miller said, presents hundreds of thousands of flags every year to non-profit organizations including scouts, churches, parks and schools.

Miller also presented the Woodmen American History Award.

“We have been bringing them around to schools and as a matter of fact there is a recipient among you that had received the Woodman History Award here in Centre,” said Miller. “At that point and time we were not geared up with anyone to engrave names. So tonight we would like to step a little bit away from scouting and to kind of go along with the history, and the history of scouting as well. We would like to represent to Mr. Mark Blalock his Woodman of the World History Award. It does have his name engraved on it.”

Those present to witness Troop 247’s Blalock receive the award were his grandmother, Barbara Blalock, and his aunt, Barbie Hester, who are also Woodmen of the World, Miller said.

The Woodmen also presented Troop 247 with a check for $250 and an offer to sponsor the scout library.