Leesburg, Alabama

The Leesburg Town Council met recently in the Leesburg FEMA building. Mayor Ed Mackey and all council members were on hand for this regular scheduled meeting. Mayor Mackey led everyone to the pledge to the American flag. Councilman Frankie Brewster opened the meeting with prayer.

Mayor Mackey welcomed everyone to the meeting. The minutes of the last meeting, and the financial report were approved.

In old business, the council approved the purchase of a plot of land from the Tillery family.

In new business, Leesburg Citizen Greg Lumpkin spoke to the council concerning a dog barking ordinance.

Lumpkin spoke of the nuisance of dogs barking for hours at a time.

The council is going to table the ordinance until the town lawyer can look over and make changes to a dog ordinance that will work for the town of Leesburg.

The council authorized Mayor Mackey to sign the sewer bid contract.

This contract will work on some sections of the town’s sewer system in the area of Lokey Street and Park Street.

The Leesburg Fire Department is in need of new turnout gear, and the council approved the purchase of some gear up to $25,000.

Fire Chief and Councilman Jim Sonaty explained the departments blue barrel training as a tool the firemen use to fight fire with water force.

The Fire Chief also said the department will be having a raffle of a shotgun and a fireproof gun safe this year to help raise money for the department. Leesburg Gun and Pro-tackle donated the safe that is valued at $600.

The town has a truck/van that will be sold on sealed bids as surplus property with the proceeds going to the Police Department. The council approved the sale.

The Leesburg Town Council meeting in September will be on the second Monday because of Labor Day.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned.