CENTRE – Cherokee County golf pro Jake Minnix can remember growing up attending kids’ camps to better his game. Now he’s helping the next generation with theirs.

The Cherokee County Country Club held its annual kids golfing clinic last week. The camp demonstrated the fundamentals to youth ages 6-11 and 12-and-over. Minnix said this year’s camp averaged 22 kids per day.

“I can remember coming to the camp when I was a child with instructors such as Eddie Jackson and Jeremy McGatha,” Minnix said. “We’ve had the camp every year I can recall, but the size of the camp has varied over the last few years due to us changing the format. From what I recall, we’ve done this week-long format two or three times since I’ve been apart of it and we’ve had anywhere from 15 to 50 kids.”

Miinix, along with fellow golfer Kim Nichols, were this year’s instructors at the course. Minnix said he’s been a camp instructor five of the last seven years.

“Kim and I have tried to focus on the basics for all the kids, while also just letting them have a little fun while on the golf course,” Minnix said. “A lot of these kids don’t play much golf outside of camp, so we’re hoping to get these kids interested in golf and hope to see them come back soon.”

Minnix said he’s hoping the camp serves as a motivator for the kids to pick up golfing, like it did for him.

“There are so many opportunities in golf after high school just like any other sport, and we would love to get some of them interested and see them succeed,” Minnix said. “Out of the 27 different kids we’ve had this past week, I remember seven of them from the last couple of years. I actually think Nicholas Sawyer has been every year I’ve helped and was probably at the very first camp I ever helped with when he was as young as six or seven.”