Once again, Cherokee County High School “Warrior” Stadium was the setting for the Fun Day 2014, giving Cherokee County’s special students the opportunity to participate in some friendly competition.

With the exception of somewhat windy conditions, it was a spring, picture perfect day for competition. One might say everyone was a winner since all competitors cheered on and supported their opponents as well as themselves.

“I would like to welcome everyone to our Annual Special Olympics Fun Day,” said Tara Blanchard program specialist, Cherokee County Special Education.

“I want to thank all of our Cherokee County teachers and paraprofessionals,” said Blanchard. “They work really hard all year long for our students. I would like to thank the Cherokee County Commission because without their donation, we would not be able to have our Fun Day.

“We would like to thank Cherokee County High School for always letting us come, Cedar Bluff Civitans for providing our food. Embroidery Creations, Happenings, L&L Trophies. I would like to thank all of our parents for being here today. I would like to thank the CCHS students that are coming out to watch and I would also like to thank the seventh graders at Centre Middle School for coming out.”

She then led in a roll call of all the schools represented.

“When I call your school’s name. I want to hear you yell really loud!” said Blanchard. “Centre Elementary School! Centre Middle School! Cherokee County high School! Sand Rock School! Spring Garden! And the Adult Learning Center!”

The Cherokee County High School Cheerleaders set the tone for the event with cheers and a musical performance.

Vocalist Raven Williams started the events by singing The National Anthem, accompanied by Danielle Tucker.

Events included the 50 Yard Walk/ Roll, 50 Yard Dash, Softball Throw, Kickball Distance and T-Ball Swing.

Again, Blanchard, on behalf of the special education program and all participants, extended appreciation to all supporters and volunteers for making the day a success including the Cherokee county Resource Teachers and Aides, Cherokee County Commission, Cherokee County High School, Cedar Bluff Civitans, Embroidery Creations, Happenings and L & L Trophy.

Volunteers also extended a huge thanks to the Cherokee County High School 2014-2015 Cheerleaders for their role in helping with the program throughout the day.

“Because of your help and support Cherokee Fun Day is a success,” said Blanchard.