$2,000 TO SO-COOL

$2,000 TO SO-COOL. Thereasa Hulgan (center) of the Centre Rotary Club accepts a $2,000 check from Cherokee County Commissioners Randy Jones (from left), Kimball Parker, Marcie Foster and Carlton “Bubba” Teague. The Cherokee County Commission recently presented $2,000 to the Cherokee County SO-COOL (School’s Out-Camp Of Organized Learning) Program. The SO-COOL Program is sponsored by the Centre Rotary Club.  

The Cherokee County Commission has adopted a resolution approving the Cherokee County Citizen Participation Plan and authorized the chairman to sign related documents.

This plan would allow Cherokee County and Etowah County to partner in purchasing a van to serve clients of CED (Cherokee-Etowah-DeKalb) Mental Health Center which would be used to transport clients to doctors appointments and other needed errands.

Sheila Hurley, executive director, CED Mental Health Center, met with the commission on this matter during the work session prior to the Monday, June 12, meeting of the commission.

Cherokee County Administrator Tim Burgess said the commission is considering applying for a CDBG grant after meeting previously with a representative of the East Alabama Regional Planning Commission.

The grant, Burgess said, is a federal grant which is a 90 percent grant with a 10 percent match.

“With that match, we could buy two vans, one would be for Cherokee county, one would be for Etowah county,” said Burgess.

“Two vans together would be approximately $69,121. Ten percent of that is $6,912. That is for the two vans.”

“So if you paid half of the match, that would be $3,456,” said Burgess. “Mrs. Hurley talked about donations that have been given. Those donations would come off the top and then Etowah and Cherokee county would split the difference. So somewhere between 0 and $3,456 would be your match should you choose to do that on the vans.”

According to Burgess, such CDBG projects would involve getting input from citizens through public hearings. A contact person would be required to make sure it is advertised and that the public hearings are set.

“What I am asking you to do today is pass the resolution which resolves we will participate in this project and pass a citizen participation plan,” said Burgess.

The commission approved suspending the 20 percent monthly allocation of Highway Sales Tax funds to the Gas Tax Fund.

Administrator Burgess explained during the work session prior to the regular commission meeting.

“What you have been doing the last few years is allocating money from your highway sales tax fund over to gas tax fund for the operation of the highway department,” said Burgess. “We all know that that particular money cuts into money that you have available for paving. Well we have accumulated some funds in another fund and I think we have got enough to last us maybe two or three months by doing that so we want to take the supplement out of that one fund and move it over to the gas tax what we would have been taking out of highway sales tax.”

According to Burgess, this action would allow the commission to accumulate funds for paving projects. This procedure is required for bookkeeping purposes.

The commission also approved naming Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency Director Shawn Rogers as Cherokee County Safety Coordinator.

“He will be responsible for getting our plans together, making sure there are meetings held,” said Burgess. “They communicate that to ACCA and in turn we get a little bit of a refund on insurance because we do have a safety committee centrally located. I talked to Shawn about it, he is aware of it and plans to go to one of their training classes in July.”

Burgess reported that he recently attending a training session in Clanton concerning insurance and safety.

The commission also approved $2,000 to be given to the Cherokee County SO-COOL (School’s Out-Camp Of Organized Learning) program.