The City of Centre is seeking the assistance of all citizens, civic clubs and volunteers in cleaning up the city!

In a previous meeting of the Centre City Council members commented about the

tremendous amount of litter throughout the city limits and roadsides and particular on some of the back streets. During the Tuesday, March 28 meeting, Centre Mayor Tony Wilkie reported that the youth from Camp Lewis picked up at least three pickup truck loads of garbage on Ray Street, Sand Valley Road, Jordan Drive and Lakeside Drive. But much remains to be done!

"They will be re-scheduled at a later date and we will get our trash picked up on the roadsides," said Wilkie. "Also, if we can utilize some citizens who are using social media to tell us about these (litter/trash) problems, let them put their fingers to work by picking up some of the trash."

The council officially designated the week of April 17-22 as Cleanup Week in the city limits, which is in conjunction with the county-wide cleanup.

"Let's challenge some civic groups or citizens," said Wilkie

"Why don't we as a council challenge civic groups or concerned citizens," said Wilkie.

"If we can get them to show up here at City Hall on that Saturday, morning, we will provide them all the garbage bags they want and need."

The council agreed to draft an open letter to local citizens and businesses asking for their cooperation and assistance with this cleanup.

"The Mayor and City Council are excited to announce that April 17-22 has been declared as free Spring Clean-up Week within the city limits of Centre, Ala.," the letter reads.

"We would like to take this opportunity to challenge the community, civic groups, students and concerned citizens to help clean up our city," the letter read. "We request your assistance by picking up garbage along our streets and in our neighborhoods making it more beautiful."

"There may be senior citizens located within our city who need assistance cleaning up," states the letter. "This could be a great project for your organizations."

According to the letter, Centre will furnish the garbage bags and will pick up the full bags ont he side of the streets or designated locations.

"We need your particiation," the letter reads. "Please contact City Hall to pick up your garbage bags. Thank you in advance for your participation."

"I think it is a good thing that we are challenging the citizens and civic groups to do this," said Wilkie.

Council Member Cedric Williams expressed his appreciation to the for the recent work on the pressbox and other tasks at the Babe Ruth Field in Centre.

And on the subject of the city's appearance, Council Member Kay Davis wants to be sure the city gets back to normal after work on local sewer and water lines are completed.

She also expressed her appreciation to the city and the Cherokee County Historical Museum for trimming the pear trees located adjacent to the museum.

"The trees at the museum look wonderful," said Davis. "I want us to get back to looking like we are expecting company."

The council agreed to remember Council Member Frankie Kelly, who is presently in the hospital, in their prayers.

Council Member Bess Yarbrough reminded Mayor Wilkie and council members of the upcoming League of Munciipalities meeting in Birmingham which is scheduled for May 20-23. Reservations need to be in by April 14.

"I would urge everybody, if they could, to make plans to be there," said Wilkie. "It is a good thing because we get to sit with other cities of our size and I think you will get a feel of how blessed we are to have what we have to work with when some of the other cities are really struggling."