By Diane Traister

Cherokee Rose Garden Club

Second Vice President

Although this is a small yard, it is one of the prettiest we have seen in a while. All of the beauty is in the front yard so you really don’t even have to get out of your car. Located at 4260 Cornwall ***** at the end of the block, Tommy & Linda Lee’s arrangements are very eye appealing. There are two swings, one sits in the front yard boarded by pots filled with bright red Begonias.

There are also two more pots of these flowers at each side of the front porch steps.

Along with the big swing out front there is a little one that is nestled under a pretty Crape Myrtle tree along with impatiens that is intended for the fairies to use.

At the very front of the yard there is a long planted section. It consists of roses, impatiens, hanging begonias, a hanging fern, yellow lantana, hosta, lilies, a pot of purple coleus, plus stationary items like a trellis, bird house, a bench, birdbath and a light pole.

At the mail box is incorporated a gorgeous pink bougainvillea to top it all off. If you would like to view this house, all you would need to do is drive to the end of the street and look! Just turn around at the dead end street to see all of the beauty.

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