Inman Solar will soon be adding more electrical generating capacity to the City of Cedartown.

Cedartown City Commissioners during their April session voted to approve measures to move forward with an intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Cedartown Development Authority to transfer 21 acres of city-owned property for use as a new solar farm.

The land, adjacent to the former state detention center that remains empty between Sixth and Tenth streets, will be leased for $25,000 annually.

City Manager Bill Fann said the planned solar farm will be "four times the size of those we've done previously."

"It'll interconnect with Georgia Power's lines on Sixth or Tenth Street, we're not sure about that yet," Fann said.

The intergovernmental agreement approved by the commission allows for the Cedartown Development Authority to move ahead with a lease agreement to last for upward of 35 years. The agreement will also allow for Inman Solar to begin site preparations on the land.

Commissioners approved the agreement without any issues during their April 8 session.

Inman Solar already operates several solar farms within Cedartown, including connected sites at Cedartown's Northside Industrial Park, where they also installed a large battery for testing in partnership with Washington Gas.

The company additionally has two solar sites in the Aragon area and at least one in Rockmart as well.