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Kaye Ella Steadman: Halloween revisited

We Americans are an impatient and hasty bunch of people. Other countries criticize us as being lazy but that's just not true. As a rule we do several things at one time and that's because we're impatient and always in a hurry. Patience and endurance belongs to the previous generation I think.

  • icon Posted: October 25

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Saturday 10/18/2014
Dwight Watt: What is Windows 10?
Posted: October 18, 2014

Microsoft announced the newest version of Windows will be Windows 10. While they have been doing early development on it, they called it by its project name of Threshhold.

Thursday 10/16/2014
Natasha Colbaugh: Parenting makes perfect
Posted: October 16, 2014

By Natasha Colbaugh

Wednesday 10/15/2014
Kaye Ella Steadman: Stoved up across The Big Pond
Posted: October 15, 2014

Readers, if you are planning a fall or contemplating a staged one for sympathy, do it in a desirable location. Maybe while visiting someone at the hospital and their room is near the E.R. with plenty of doctors present. Don't wait until you're across The Big Pond in Varna, Bulgaria.

Tuesday 10/14/2014
Dick Yarbrough: Democrat gubernatorial hopeful Jason Carter shares his views on education
Posted: October 14, 2014

I have asked the two major gubernatorial candidates to talk to Georgia public school teachers about their respective education platforms. This week the floor belongs to Jason Carter, the Democratic challenger. Next week, it will be Republican Gov. Nathan Deal’s turn.

Mike O’Neal: Mountain Cove Farms importance yesterday, today and tomorrow
Posted: October 14, 2014

The sale of Mountain Cove Farm Resort and the publicly-owned land surrounding it would be shortsighted, softheaded and irresponsible.

Dwight Watt: How do I get a G-mail account?
Posted: October 14, 2014

Gmail is the free email system offered by Google, which has been around a number of years. To get a g-mail account, go to gmail.com. The account you create here will work for any of the Google applications including Google, Gmail, BlogSpot, Google+ and others.

Sunday 10/12/2014
Bo Wagner: Maintaining Idealism
Posted: October 12, 2014

It is a bit after ten o’clock at night as I put pen to paper. My day of ministry started at 7 a.m. and is just now winding down. It actually would have ended a bit earlier, but I received a call that a child we pick up on our church bus had been hit by a vehicle and was in the hospital. That resulted in me leaving the house to go see him, thus extending my day significantly.

Friday 10/10/2014
Joe Phillips: Strike a match!
Posted: October 10, 2014

I was thinking of the Elliott boys, men actually, who co-lived in the old family home hard beside the railroad tracks in my hometown. One was a plumber, the other an electrician, but when I encountered them they were “retired,” or as one admitted just out of work.

Dwight Watt: How do I stop Windows from automatically updating?
Posted: October 10, 2014

Windows is set by default to install important updates automatically. These are usually issued once a week on Tuesday unless something critical occurs.

Thursday 10/09/2014
Bo Wagner: It may not be prayer after all
Posted: October 09, 2014

I suppose we have all had those moments when we saw something that just melted our hearts and made us smile... until we looked a little closer. I had one of those moments just this past week.

Wednesday 10/08/2014
Lisa Heyer: Fall lawn care: four ways to winterize
Posted: October 08, 2014

Originally written by: Lisa Kaplan Gordon

Sunday 10/05/2014
Matt Ledger: Turning the page to another story
Updated: October 17, 2014 - 3:01 pm

The years since I joined the Walker County Messenger in 2005 have provided opportunities and indelible memories that enriched my life far beyond the meager earnings of a journalist.

Sunday 09/28/2014
Bo Wagner: The blessing of scars
Posted: September 28, 2014

“To begin with, Honey, it really could have been worse...”

Wednesday 09/24/2014
Joe Phillips: Talk about the weather?
Posted: September 24, 2014

The ole saw goes that people talk about weather but do nothing about it. Well, yeah, there is no doing anything about the weather despite attempts to weaponize it.

Tuesday 09/23/2014
Dick Yarbrough: Thinning out the alternatives for Jekyll Island deer
Posted: September 23, 2014

I have one of the most interesting jobs in the world. One day I am advising world leaders on the nuances of international monetary policy. The next day I am consoling a distraught reader who thinks I need to “look within myself spiritually.” The last time I looked within myself, I saw my navel. It was full of lint. Never again.

Monday 09/22/2014
Mike O'Neal: Cyclists, roads and sharing
Posted: September 22, 2014

Cars, trucks and bikes being on the same roads at the same time during this weekend’s triathlon has caused concern among many in the communities — Chattanooga Valley, the Cove and Chickamauga — where the cycling leg of Ironman Chattanooga is being held.

Sunday 09/21/2014
Bo Wagner: A book for all ages and circumstances
Posted: September 21, 2014

I have looked in wonder and at length at the lovely inscription, Marie A. Baker, Christmas, 1924. It is written in a flowing script that seems to show no signs of hurry or worry. This inscription is in the front of a Bible that I just bought from an antique store in Berlin, Ohio, on our recent trip to visit Amish country.

Saturday 09/20/2014
Dwight Watt: Is an email from WhatsApp saying I have a voicemail legitimate?
Posted: September 20, 2014

No, this is a phishing email trying to use your machine to send messages at a high cost to you. It will say if you click a play button that you can hear a voice message someone is sending you, but it will then begin wanting to install an app that will start sending messages thru your device at premium rates.

Friday 09/19/2014
Kaye Steadman: Urban legend
Posted: September 19, 2014

Well, we have a new fad now, going strong and showing no signs of slowing. I'm referring to leggings that are the rage. Some people like me call them tights.

Thursday 09/18/2014
Dick Yarbrough: Trying to find the positives in this world can be a negative
Posted: September 18, 2014

The Woman Who Shares My Name instructed me that this week’s column was to be about positive things. She says she is tired of bad news and thought you felt the same way. “Surely, you can find some positive things to write about,” she said, “and temporarily take people’s minds off all the terrible things going on in the world. I think your readers would appreciate that.”

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