Linda Sue Hanley

Linda Sue Hanley

A woman was arrested in Fort Oglethorpe after she allegedly tried to pass a counterfeit $100 bill at a the Circle K gas station on Cloud Springs Road, police say.

According to the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department:

Linda Sue Hanley, 41, of Third Avenue in Chattanooga, Tenn., was arrested Tuesday, Oct. 3, on charges of first-degree forgery and driving while license revoked.

Hanley was released from jail on bond the next day.

Sgt. Robert Goolsby says he was dispatched to the store around 10 a.m. Oct. 3 regarding the phony money after a store employee called in the complaint.

The clerk said she discovered the bill was a fake by using a test pen on it, and Hanley tried to convince officers that she had been duped herself by another establishment.

"Ms. Hanley initially said she got the bill from Regions Bank in Chattanooga," Goolsby said. "I advised her that banks have machines that check bills to assure that they don't pass counterfeits."

Hanley then tried to pitch another story in which she received the bill from a friend after doing yard work for her.

She ultimately admitted that she never really went to Regions Bank and also admitted that she drove to the area to drop a friend off at a nearby methadone clinic even though her license was revoked.

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