Gass Dorothy

Dorothy Gass

Dorothy Marie Gass, the woman accused of making false reports to 911 that led to a fatal New Year’s Day police shooting in Walker County, has died. She was 66.

Earlier this year, Gass was accused of making false allegations against her daughter-in-law, Amy Gass, while she and Steven Gass fought over custody of their children during a divorce.

Dorothy Gass allegedly told a 911 dispatcher that Amy Gass had threatened to kill her children in the early hours of New Years Day.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, there was no contact between the women at all that day.

There was a record of Steven Gass and Dorothy Gass speaking on the phone for several minutes before the 911 call.

When officers arrived at the scene where Amy Gass lived with her parents, her father Mark Parkinson was in the kitchen with a gun.

He had gotten up, according to his wife, Diana, after hearing the dogs bark in the night.

Deputy John Chandler claims to have seen Parkinson pointing the gun at him through the window.

Parkinson’s family insisted there is no way he could have seen the officers outside.

Chandler shot through the window of the Rossville home, killing Mark Parkinson.