Brian Kemp is a man of integrity who will lead our state in the right direction of safety and prosperity. He has committed to tackling the opioid epidemic that has wreaked havoc on our community. As coroner, I have seen firsthand, as have many local families, the devastation the opioid crisis has caused amongst our citizens, young and old. Brian Kemp has written an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution to bring attention to this issue along with his plans to combat it.

I have serious concerns for the safety of Georgians after reading his opponents intentions to weaken current illegal substance and traffic laws. Enabling our society is not a way to lead. He has also released several detailed public safety reform plans — including one to stop and dismantle street gangs that poison our children with drugs.

In Georgia, we have radical politicians who attack our law enforcement officers — the very people that work day in and day out to keep our families safe. I can promise you that Brian Kemp is not only somebody who respects law enforcement and the job they do, but he is the only candidate who has a law enforcement division under his purview as Secretary of State.

He will continue to show our law enforcement and first responders’ respect, and he will work with them to build off the successes that Governor Deal has made in criminal justice reform and focus on public safety reform.

Brian Kemp will keep our families safe, keep criminals and drugs off our streets and will put Georgians first. I fully endorse Brian Kemp to be Georgia’s next governor.

Vanita Hullender,

Catoosa County coroner

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