Zach Drennan


When Catoosa County resident Zach Drennan couldn’t find eclipse glasses, he fashioned a viewer from a cereal box. (Catoosa News photo/Tamara Wolk)


Catoosa County resident Zach Drennan was looking forward to watching the eclipse on August 21, but when he got ready to buy the special glasses made for safe viewing, he discovered they were all gone locally. They could still be purchased online – at a price.

So Drennan decided to do the next best thing. Using instructions from NASA’s website, he built a viewer using a cereal box, white paper, aluminum foil and tape. "You only see a reflection of the eclipse," says Drennan. "You can’t use it to look at the sun directly."

Was he impressed? "Not really. I could barely see the moon blocking the sun. I did see it move from one side of the sun to the other." Drennan says the issue might have been partly that we didn’t experience the full eclipse here. "It was actually more interesting just to see how it got darker around me – and to see the slight haze I’d read about in the Old Farmer’s Almanac."

"I’m glad I saw it," Drennan says, "but it wasn’t as spectacular as I’d expected it to be."