Robert Samuel Forester


LaFayette High School teacher Robert Samuel Forester's arrest on Sunday, Sept. 2, was the third time he has been charged for domestic violence in recent months.

Arrest reports indicate Forester, 48, and Erin Michelle Forester, 41, have had a rocky relationship — and arrests — since they divorced earlier this year.

In April, both were arrested and charged with battery-family violence after deputies responded to a complaint about the Foresters fighting inside a truck at an Oak Street address.

Deputies report that upon their arrival they saw Erin walk to the back of the residence without replying questions. Sam Forester was found in the truck and reportedly said he and his ex-wife had ongoing problems.

Deputies report Forester telling them that after their divorce was finalized in January his wife had until February to vacate their home, but that he had allowed her to stay past that date.

Forester said he had come to pick up his two dogs and was attempting to leave when his ex-wife grabbed him and bit his forearm.

Deputies noted seeing bite marks on the inside of Sam's right forearm but report his telling them he did not want to get her (Erin) in trouble.

When the deputy spoke to the woman, she said Forester "could not be arrested, or he would lose his job."

She then said that she and Sam had been arguing when he grabbed her by the arms — the deputy noted seeing red marks consistent with such an action  — and she had tried to escape by biting her ex-husband.

The report states that neither party was telling the whole story and it was difficult to discover what actually took place.

Officers answered another domestic violence call at the same address on June 7, when they met Erin after her return from a local hospital.

The victim told deputies that her ex-husband "exploded on her" as the incident began in the basement and continued throughout the house.

Erin  alleged her ex-husband pulled her hair and strangled her while she was on the ground, but officers reported not seeing any marks on the victim's neck at the time of the interview.

The victim also said Sam stomped her left wrist and forearm with his foot while she was on the ground.

Officers noted bruising, about 6 to 8 inches in length on both sides of the victim's arm, but it was unclear if it was shoe prints.

In an audio recording Erin made of the incident, law enforcement officers report hearing a male voice telling the victim to get out of the house

The officer said he recognized the voice on the audio as that of the victim and could hear her screaming to the man to leave her alone. The officer notes in his report hearing the man say, "I'm not touching you."

The victim told police that her ex-husband received the house in the divorce, but he had recently asked her to move back in to work on their problems.

The deputy noted that Erin was visibly upset, stating she was "in fear for her life," but refused to leave and go to the Crisis Center.

Sam was not in the residence at the time of the report and was later charged on, June 12, with simple battery-family violence.

Following the latest incident, Forester has been relieved of his duties at LHS and has been reassigned.