Damon Raines Walker schools

Damon Raines

Walker County high schools graduation rates are well above the state graduation rate, according to a report released Thursday, Sept. 20, by the Georgia Department of Education.

The Walker County School System also continues to see a positive increase in the graduation rates at both LaFayette and Ridgeland High Schools.

“The innovative efforts and tireless dedication of every employee has created the momentum driving this positive trend as we work toward the goal of a 100% graduation rate,” said Schools Superintendent Damon Raines.

2018 4-Year Cohort Graduation Rate(s)

State graduation rate - 81.60%

Walker County schools graduation rate - 87.99%

LaFayette High School - 84.53%

Ridgeland High School - 90.80%

Total 2018 Walker County schools graduates - 522