Walker County Sheriff's Department

Here is the Walker County arrest/booking report for Jan. 14-20:

Abbo, Cynthia Jean, 610 Olivia Drive, Dalton, w/f, 30, theft by deception (m)

Allen, Vassel Thomas, 107 Crescent Ave., Rome, b/m, 25, violation of Georgia substance control act (f), driving while license suspended/revoked-1st offense, fleeing or evading police or roadblock, failure to obey stop or yield sign, passing within 100 feet of intersection/RR crossing, driving on wrong side of road, failure to yield in intersection-with injuries, lane change violation, reckless driving, obstruction of officer (m)

Angland, Hannah Marie, 2435 S Hwy 341, Chickamauga, w/f, 42, battery – family violence

Bankston, Christian Michael, 11 Bailey Lane, Rossville, w/m, 20, aggravated assault – other weapon

Barksdale, Shannon Levette, 44 N Steele St, LaFayette, w/f, 40, possession of meth

Barnes, Jeremy Steven, 601 James St. 59, Rossville, w/m, 31, disorderly conduct

Blackwell, Samuel Jacob, 312 Dodge St., Rossville, w/m, 22, possession of meth, marijuana possession less than 1 oz

Bratcher, Jonathan Jacob, 520 Cranberry Way Circle, Hixon, Tenn., w/m, 44, probation violation (f)

Burnette, Kevin Ray, 3315 Bonnieville Circle, Chattanooga, w/m, 37, probation violation (f)

Caldwell, Haley Autumn, w/f, 40, return from hospital

Carrington, Tiffany Hope, w/f, 28, return from doctor, return from hospital

Chastain, Randle Douglas, 362 Parks Street, Rossville,5 w/m, 31, affray (fighting)

Clayton, Jackie Lee, 707 Henderson Ave, Rossville, w/m, 18, affray (fighting)

Clayton, Joel Bolton Baxter, 11856 Hwy 136, Summerville, w/m, 28, seat belt violation (adults), headlight requirement, marijuana possession less than oz

Coan, Bobbie Lynn, 194 Bona Vista Lane, Tunnel Hill, w/f, 36, failure to appear (m) x2

Coats, Anthony Maurice, 300 Alpine Drive, Rossville, b/m, 30, driving while license suspended or revoked-1st offense, no proof of insurance, possession of methamphetamine, open container violation

Couch, Andrea Ann, 279 Eagle Landing Drive, Flintstone, w/f, 41, exploitation and intimidation of an elder person, forgery – 1st degree

Cummings, Christopher Gregory, 634 Gate St, Rossville, w/m, 44, possession of meth, possession of drug related objects

Dean, Emily Marie, 70 Tharpe Drive, LaFayette, w/f, 17, terroristic threats and acts

Detty, Kristy Lynn, 4555 Alabama Ave, Chattanooga, w/f, 40, DUI – drugs, driving while license suspended or revoked 1st offense, no insurance, improper lane change

Digges, Jonathan Paul, 156 Foster Circle Apt 156, LaFayette, w/m, 38, driving on suspended license, failure to stop at stop sign, expired tag, failure to report name and address change

Dodson, Billy Allen, 310 S Cherokee St., LaFayette, w/m, 47, financial transaction – card fraud

Foster, Sherrie Yvonne, 3212 12th Ave., Chattanooga, b/m, 39, failure to maintain lane, hold for other agency

Frashier, Linsey Annette, 258 McSears Drive, LaFayette, w/f, 39, theft by shoplifting (m)

Frix, Mark Anthony, 37 Gaddis Drive, Fort Oglethorpe, w/m, 26, reckless driving, driving on suspended/revoked registration, no insurance, speeding

Gall, Tyler James, 104 Trail Lake Drive, LaFayette, w/m, 25, possession of meth, possession of marijuana less than oz

Garrett, Myranda Gail, 591 Everett Lane, LaFayette, w/f, 44, probation violation (f)

Gianaro, Lee Michael, 23 Newman Drive, Rossville, 1620 Ew/m, 29, driving on suspended, must use turn signal

Gossett, William James, 718 Laddswitch Road, Guild, Tenn., failure to appear (m)

Griffitt, David Stuart, 825 Pine St., Trion, w/m, 53, theft by shoplifting (m)

Guild, Peter Warren, 5407 St. Elmo Ave., Chattanooga, w/m, 30, DUI - drugs, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz, possession and use of drug related objects

Hardin, Austin William, 106 Suggs St., Rossville, w/m, 21, theft by taking (f) – motor vehicle

Harrelson, Danita Carroll, 410 Lee Road 187, Opelika, Ala., w/f, 43, probation violation (f)

Harris, Jack Lamar, w/m, 58, aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts, exploitation and intimidation of elders, recept possession or transfer of a firearm by convicted felon, false imprisonment, battery – family violence (m)

Harris, Jordan Lorenzo, 1400 Chestnut St., Chattanooga, b/m, 27, marijuana possession less than 1 oz, improper use of turn signal

Harry, Amber Nicole, 709 Patterson Road Apt 15, LaFayette, b/f, 22, driving while license suspended - 1st offense, taillights/lenses required

Henninger, Dustin Wayne, 220 Jenkins Road, Rossville, w/m, 58, possession of meth

Hood, Sierra Dawn, w/f, 27, probation violation (f)

Houge Jr, Kenneth Wayne, 409 Bronco Road, LaFayette, w/m, 28, loitering and prowling, driving without license on person, no insurance, removing/affixing tag with intent to conceal identity of vehicle

Isbill, Jessica Lynn, 32 Wendy Liegh Circle, Rossville, /f, 38, theft by shoplifting (m)

Jarnagin, Joel Ray, 611 E Garden Farm Road, Rossville, w/m, 44, failure to appear (m), theft by taking (m)

Jones, Christopher Dewayne, 448 Cordell Road, LaFayette, w/m, 36, driving on suspended license

Justice Jr, Douglas Lance, 76 Virginia Ave., Rossville, w/m, 37, failure to maintain lane, driving on suspended license

Keck, Charles Edward, 3919 Kings Road, Chattanooga, w/m, 48, DUI – alcohol/controlled substance, marijuana possession less than 1 oz

Kelly, William Cameron, 466 Brownwood Circle, Ringgold, w/m, 26, hold for court

Kirk, John Franklin, 603 W Main St., LaFayette, w/m, 50, probation violation (f)

Lister, Brianna Starr, 356 Glade Road, Rossville, w/f, 20, probation violation (f)

Lively, Charles Preston, 13 High St, Rossville, w/m, 24, pedestrian under the influence

Lively, Sara Callan, 1761 Foster Mill Drive, LaFayette, w/f, 30, speeding

Longshore, ChelciAnn Madison, 28 Hargraves Ave, Rossville, w/f, 21, marijuana possession less than 1 oz, speeding

Manning, Jason Edward, 22721 Hwy 193, LaFayette, w/m, 40, probation violation (f)

Marsh Jr, Charles Edward, 823 Prospect Circle, b/m, 45, hold for court

Massengale, Chanse Allen, 722 Shelly Road, Rossville, w/m, 18, affray (fighting)

Massey, David Lebron, 864 Mountain View Circle, Flintstone, w/m, 41, violation of family violence order

McCallister, Douglas Jordan, 54 Montclair Drive, Rossville, w/m, 25, affray (fighting)

McGee, Eric Shawn, 701 N Germantown Road, Chattanooga, w/m, 30, theft by shoplifting (m)

Mencer, Michael Austin, 139 E Circle Drive, Rossville, w/m, 23, pedestrian under the influence

Middleton, Charlotte Diana, 811 Chickamauga Ave, Rossville, w/f, 52, driving while license suspended or revoked - 1st offense

Motley, David Joshua, 204 Sunset Drive, Rossville, w/m, 34, violation of probation (f), fleeing or eluding police officer, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane 4x, no registration, driving on suspended license, failure to obey stop or yield 5x

Nation, Daniel Lebron, 1904 North Ave., Rossville, w/m, 53, theft by shoplifting (m), criminal trespass, sale/distribution/possession of drugs, escape (m), obstruction of officer (m)

O’Daniel, Randy Allen, 2118 Sunset Terrace, Chattanooga, w/m, 41, hold for court

Padgett, Tonya Denise, 231 Glennview Drive, Trenton, w/f, 50, failure to appear (m)

Paige, Dianne, Michelle, 1151 Choctaw Trail, Chattanooga, w/f, 45, possession of schedule II controlled substance

Parksdale, Shannon Levette, w/f, 40, possession of meth

Penter, Michelle Cheri, 9717 Dallas Hollow Road, Soddy Daisy, Tenn, w/f, 39, pedestrian under the influence (PUI), failure to appear (m)

Pettyjohn, Thomas Nathaniel, 148 Shady Court, LaFayette, w/m, 33, battery, criminal trespass

Pitsch, Patrick Joseph, 1880 Colbert Hollow Road, Rock Spring, w/m, 42, probation violation (f)

Place, Stephen Lynn, 12934 E Hwy 136, LaFayette, w/m, 46, battery – family violence (m), cruelty to child under 18

Pottier, Elizabeth Mae, PO Box 58, Valley Head, Ala., w/f, 26, possession of opium or derivative, possession of methamphetamine, drugs to be kept in original container, loitering and prowling

Rape, Christopher Michael, 941 Chamberlain Road, LaFayette, possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of meth with intent to distribute, seat belt violation (adults), driving while license suspended or revoked-1st offence, theft by receiving stolen property (f)

Redding, Richard Lee, 1130 Gun Club Road, Buchanan, w/m, 22, probation violation (f)

Reile, Jason Alexander, 28 Stone Edge Court, Fort Oglethorpe, w/m, 38, probation violation (m)

Roach, Jarrod Tyler, 197 N Victor Drive, Flintstone, w/m, 27, hold for other agency

Roberts, Tyler Labron, 25 N Steele St., LaFayette, b/m, 26, harassing phone calls

Rogers, Jamial, 279 Karen Drive, Ringgold, b/m, 29, hold for court

Sanders, Emma Lou, 972 Kensington Road, Chickamauga, w/f, 37, removing or affixing tag with intent to conceal identity of vehicle, driving while license suspended or revoked-1st offense, no insurance

Sargent, Timothy Joel, 1645 Long Island Road, South Pittsburg, Tenn., w/m, 37, criminal trespass

Scholtz, Aaron Carter, 16 Meyers Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 19, disorderly conduct, simple battery

Shelton Jr, William Joseph, 726 Gentry Road, Chattanooga, w/m, 30, driving while license suspended-1st offense, fleeing/attempting to elude police, lane change violation, failure to obey traffic control device

Sims, Tuesdai Danyelle, 37 Thompson Circle, LaFayette, w/f, 33, probation violation (m)

Sizemore, Andrew Allen, 15 Lynn Circle, Rossville, w/m, 41, failure to appear (m)

Smith, Benjamin Michael, 1638 Crabtree Road, Hixson, Tenn., w/m, 27, driving while license suspended or revoked-1st offense, failure to dim headlights

Smith, Landon MacIntire, 201 Browns Hollow Road, Trion, w/m, 17, possession of marijuana less than oz

Smothers, Troy Lee, 1505 Stanfield Drive, LaFayette, w/m, 35, hold for court

Taylor, Angel Denise, 30 Thomas Drive, Chickamauga, w/f, 36, possession of meth

Thompson, Keisha Lynn, 1072 E Reed Road, LaFayette, w/f, 38, probation violation (f)

Tharp, Kyle Donovan, 5 Drew Lane, LaFayette, w/m, 29, possession of meth

Tolbert, Ashley Leann, 3 Lynn Garden Road, Rossville, w/f, 31, battery – family violence

Tolbert, Jeremy Blake, 934 Hulana St., Rossville, hold for court

Tolbert, Jonathan W, w/m, 32, hold for Dade County

Vann, Rickey Lynn, 309 Wilder Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 58, probation violation (f)

Walker, Gabriela Laura, 601 James St. 126, Rossville, w/f, 17, terroristic threats and acts, driving without licensed driver 21 or older in vehicle

Walker, William Thomas, 1947 McFarland Ave, Rossville, w/m, 44, burglary 2nd degree – forced entry

Webb, Kyra Marie, 69 Stonecrest Lane, Ringgold, w/f, 18, possession of a schedule IV controlled substance, drugs to be kept in original container

White, Gauge Cory, 311 S Center St., Rossville, w/m, 25, driving while license suspended or revoked-1st offense

Wills, Stephen Eric, 13 High St, Rossville, w/m, 32, pedestrian under the influence (PUI)

Winesburegh, Jack Preston, 1620 E Broomtown Road, LaFayette, w/m, 45, driving on suspended, driver exercise improper use of radios and cell phone

Yanez, Krystal Michelle, 5 Hillcrest Drive, Rossville, w/f, 32, battery – family violence