Thursday, March 2

Brandon Alec Summers, 23, Peachtree Street, Rossville, cruelty to children allow to witness felony/battery/family violence (x2), simple battery-family violence

David Ray Strickland, 62, Davis Street, Rossville, public drunk

Billy Dewayne Robinson, Sr., 34, John Robinson Road, LaFayette, seat belts violation, driving while license suspended or revoked

Robert Lake Goldisen, 17, Hummingbird Lane, Ringgold, simple battery

Candace Nicole Alexander, 27, KOA Boulevard, Ringgold, felony probation violation, disorderly conduct

Deshunn T. Cummings, 20, East 49th Street, Chattanooga, no insurance, duty upon striking unattended vehicle (x2), too fast for conditions, hit and run; duty of driver to stop or return to scene of accident, improper lane change/failure to maintain lane

Dustin James Blevins, 31, Fant Drive, Fort Oglethorpe, failure to appear

Gavin Sean Barfield, 18, Straight Gut Road, LaFayette, violation of probation

Jeremy Ryan Miller, 39, Chickamauga Avenue, Rossville, felony probation violation

Joshua Clinton Ware, 31, Tiger Creek Trail, Tunnel Hill, speeding driving while license suspended or revoked

Friday, March 3

Brenda Ann Guffey, 46, McReynolds Avenue, Cleveland, Tenn., disorderly conduct, public drunk

Brandon Phillip Baxter, 34, Homeplace Road, Rossville, simple battery-family violence

Robbie Farris Wimpy, 47, Auburn Mill Trailer Park, Rossville, giving false name/address/birthdate to law enforcement officer, criminal trespass, possession of methamphetamine

Travis Wayne Westbrook, 46, Alpine Drive, Rossville, felony theft by taking (x4), criminal damage to property, simple assault

Melissa Kay Howard, 40, Warren Lane, Rossville, felony theft by taking

Jordan Deron Allen, 21, James Street, Rossville, failure to appear

Antonio Martez Eastland, 25, Parkside Place, Dalton, possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine

Gracie Michele Moffett, 42, Sherwood Avenue, Chattanooga, failure to appear, seat belts violation, concealing identity of a vehicle, no insurance, expired license plate

Alex Tyler Wallin, 19, Main Street, LaFayette, failure to appear (x2)

Saturday, March 4

Joseph Wayne Davidson, 31, Hiawatha Circle, Chickamauga, no insurance, driving while license suspended or revoked

Nathan James Nisonger, 20, Long Hollow Road, Rock Spring, too fast for conditions, improper lane change/failure to maintain lane, DUI-under age 21

Anthony S. Hastings, 27, McCormack Drive, Hixson, Tenn., no insurance, driving while license suspended or revoked

Gypsy Keaona Price, 40, Gaines Drive, Flintstone, driving while license suspended or revoked

Jennifer Nicole Beard, 37, Glendale Drive, Chattanooga, driving while license suspended or revoked

Sunday, March 5

Angelo Steven Pantages, III, 37, Longview Drive, Rossville, failure to appear

Derek Nelson Adams, 34, Hall Street, LaFayette, open container violation beer/ale/porter/stout/other similar beverages, DUI-alcohol

Ricky Lowell Wade, 44, Bryant Avenue, LaFayette, public drunk

Thaddeus Lynn Pinson, 65, Lakeshore Drive, Fort Oglethorpe, criminal trespass

April Dawn Lollar, 39, First Street, Rossville, driving while license suspended or revoked, fail to yield while turning left

Michael Kuupio Mabala, 32, Pinto Lane, Ringgold, failure to appear

Shanna Ashley Kirby, 29, Wilder Road, Chickamauga, marijuana possession

Christopher Kyle Kirby, 28, Wilder Road, marijuana possession

Floyd Edward Brooks, Jr., 43, East 48th Street, Chattanooga, failure to appear

Christopher Nicholas Key, 33, Mountain View Road, Trion, contempt of court

Mark Daniel Hollifield, 38, Carolyn Drive, Chickamauga, DUI-alcohol

Jimmie Ray Holmes, 42, Schmitt Lane, Rossville, possession of methamphetamine

Robert Earl Parks, Jr., 36, Autumn Avenue, Rossville, failure to appear

Monday, March 6

Destiny Lashe Burton, 27, Gore Subligna Road, Summerville, taillights/lenses required vehicle manufactured prior to 1954, failure to register vehicle, driving while license suspended or revoked, no insurance

Amanda Michele Hughett, 37, Terrance Street, Rossville, battery-family violence, simple battery-family violence

Bryan Mitchell Hailstone, 29, Overbrook Drive, Rossville, too fast for conditions, DUI-alcohol, improper lane change/failure to maintain lane, driving wrong side of road, serious injury by vehicle

Dustin Keith Long, 22, Holland Chattoogaville Road, Lyerly, Ga., reckless driving, improper lane change/failure to maintain lane, DUI-alcohol

Joseph Robert McGill, 25, Monroe Green Road, Trion, Ga., carrying a concealed weapon

Tony Maurice Long, 44, Bronco Road, LaFayette, hit and run; duty of driver to stop or return to scene of accident, improper lane change/failure to maintain lane, defective tires, reckless driving, too fast for conditions, DUI-alcohol

April Lynn Dye, 41,Elm Brook Lane, Harrison, Tenn., violation of parole

Connie Yvonne Avans, 57, Gray Road, LaFayette, violation of parole

Quenton Devon Montgomery, 21, Johnson Road, Chickamauga, fugitive from justice

Kimsey Lane Amans, 53, Garden Farm Road, Rossville, public intoxication, driving while license suspended or revoked, DUI-alcohol

Tuesday, March 7

Jenny Lynn McCamish, 31, Jones Street, LaFayette, possession of methamphetamine

Alecia Shawnta Robinson, 26, Hixson Pike, Hixson, Tenn., no insurance, failure to obey traffic control device, driving while license suspended or revoked

Frandreckous Markieth Liggons, 35, Charlton Street, Rome, Ga., failure to appear

Zachery Thomas Hastings, 25, Longstreet Road, Rossville, terroristic threats and acts

Ryan Nicholas Adkins, 17, Little Oakland Drive, LaFayette, simple battery

Phillip Dean Pearson, 37, Lynn Garden Road, Rossville, failure to appear

Wynter Leigh Ann Carrington, 18, Mose Avenue, Chickamauga, marijuana possession

James Elbert McGill, Jr., 38, Circle Drive, Rossville, simple battery-family violence

Sedrick S. Shropshire, 36, Naomi Cemetery Road, LaFayette, contempt of court (x2), driving while license suspended or revoked, window tint greater than 32 percent or window reflectivity greater than 20 percent, lighted headlights/other lights required 1/2 hours after sunset-1/2 hour before sunrise

Wednesday, March 8

Truett Anthony Payne, 53, Clement Road, Rocky Face, public drunk

Timothy Michael Younes, 34, Betsy Lane, Rossville, failure to appear, driving while license suspended or revoked

Calvin Antonio Shelton, 41, Pledger Parkway, LaFayette, disorderly conduct

Jason William Roberts, 39, Cherokee Street, LaFayette, failure to appear

Patrick Scott Vadeboncoeur, 24, homeless, felony failure to appear

Travis Clark Tackett, 30, Lakeview Drive, Rossville, altered license plate, theft by bringing stolen property into state-felony, trafficking in cocaine/illegal drugs/marijuana/methamphetamine

Isaac William Holder, 23, East Indiana Street, LaFayette, criminal trespass, simple battery

Robert William Ellis, Jr., 44, Henderson Avenue, Rossville, criminal damage to property, aggravated assault (x2), receipt/possess/transfer of firearm by convicted felon or felony first offender, murder