Walker County Sheriff's Department

Walker County Sheriff’s Department arrest/booking reports for Sept. 24-30, 2018

Anderson, James William, 1124 Lytle Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 52, simple battery

Anderson, Lawrence David, 1302 Hwy 201, LaFayette, w/m, 38, aggravated assault, cruelty to children 3rd degree or 3rd subsequent offense

Arnett, Elizabeth Ashley, 9595 Priscilla Drive, Chattanooga, w/f, 35, hit and run: duty of driver to stop or return to scene of accident, improper lane change/ failure to maintain lane

Bailey, Lacey Danielle, 28 Frontier Drive, Rossville, w/f, 28, failure to appear - misdemeanor

Burnette, Christine Casey, 3725 Fountain Ave. 27, Chattanooga, w/f, 39, violation of probation-felony

Cal, Kianna Cheyenne, 1801 Arlington Ave., Chattanooga, Ten., b/f, 17, driving without a valid license, headlight requirement

Calderone, Sam, 2400 Westside Drive, Chattanooga, w/m, 43, loitering and prowling

Carter, Janon Angelique, 1100 Lee Ave., Rossville, w/f, 36, loitering and prowling

Coffman, Joseph Lee, 1399 Ramey Road, Trion, w/m, 25, warrant

Costello, Robert Francis, 506 E Apt 58 St., Savannah, w/m, 47, DUI .08 or more – dui – driving under the influence alcohol concentration 0.08g or more w/in 3 hours or more

Cross, Aaron Jacob, 10 Clover Knoll Drive, Rossville, w/m, 17, cruelty to children x3

Culberson. Kenya Kelly, 5645 Hwy 193, Flintstone, w/f, 43, violation probation-felony

Cutts, Allen Justin, 14 Old Chattanooga Valley Road, Flintstone, 30, agg assault-family violence, battery-family violence (1st offense) misdemeanor

Davis, James Reid, 739 Crest Ridge Drive, Rossville, w/m, 36, failure to appear - misdemeanor

Durden Jr., Thomas Richard, 877 Manis Road, Dalton, w/m, 29, failure to appear – misdemeanor, speeding

Farmer, Barron Antonio, 79 Harden Road, Chickamauga, b/m, 40, improper passing in a no passing zone, speeding, driving while license suspended or revoked, fleeing/attempting to elude police

Gilliam, Keelee Patricia, 946 Valley Drive, Rossville, w/f, 28, failure to appear-misdemeanor, violation probation-felony

Greathouse, Jesse Scott, 1606 Johnson Lee Road, Cedartown, w/f, 38, battery-family violence (1st offense) misdemeanor, simple battery- family violence

Green, Joshua Shane, 139 Diamond Circle, LaFayette, w/m, 28, failure to appear (f)

Hardeman, Jeremy Keith, 7612 Boriss Drive, Chattanooga, w/m, 35, driving while license suspended or revoked-1st offense, improper lane change / failure to maintain lane

Harmon, Sammy Scott, 3411 Garrett’s Chapel Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 43, warrant- misdemeanor

Harrell, Michael David, 198 Hidden Lakes Drive, Ringgold, w/m, 46, driving while license suspended or revoked, tag light required

Harrison, Dewaun Lemuel, 52 Hardin Road, Chickamauga, b/m, 25, possession and use of drug related objects, marijuana possession less than 1 oz.

Humphrey, Karisa Matta, 100 Dunwoody Road, LaFayette, w/f, 25, probation violation (f)

Ivester, Thomas Coy, 109 Ellis Road, Rossville, w/m, 29, violation probation-felony

Jackson, Daniel William, 1041 Round Pound Road, LaFayette, w/m, 40, driving under the influence of alcohol-concentration 0.08g or more w/ in 3 hours or more, fugitive from justice

Jackson, Samantha Dawn, 368 Hwy 151, LaFayette, 37, violation probation-felony

Keith, Shawn Alexander, 108 Hiawatha Circle, Chickamauga, w/m, 18, marijuana-possession of less than 1 oz, possession and use of drug related objects

Lassitter, Douglas Edward, 41 Foster St., Lyerly, w/m, 55, probation violation

Lenticum, Shelly Danielle, 508 Colerain St., LaFayette, w/f, 38, hold for court only

Leonard, Holly Kathryn, 2816 Old Bethel Road, Chickamauga, w/f, 32, hold for court

Louvier, Charles Avery, 138 Brently Woods Drive, Chattanooga, w/m, 32, DUI less safe, driving while license suspended or revoked, too fast for conditions

Manning, Jason Edward, 22721 Hwy 193, LaFayette, w/m, 40, violate family violence order

Miller, Kane Kendrick, w/m, 39, probation return from probation

Miranda, Amber Marie, 950 S. Jenkins Road, Chickamauga,

w/f, 27, fugitive from justice

Mitchell, Robert Dale, 122 Wendy Leigh Circle, Rossville, w/m, 46, criminal trespass

Moore, Kati Elizabeth, 125 Fairlane Drive, Rossville, w/f, 27, hold for court

Mullis, Joseph Tanner, 277 McConnell Crossing, LaFayette, w/m, 21, DUI less safe

Naillon, Robert Jospeh, 1280 Peavine Road, Rock Spring, w/m, 40, hold for court

Ogle, Laura Bailey, 3907 Memphis Drive, Hixson, Tenn., w/f, 21, probation violation

Posey, Guy O’Neal, 5 Morningside Drive, LaFayette, w/m, 59, violate family violence order

Quinn, Christopher Michael, 32 Charlesie Trail, Rossville, w/m, 29, failure to appear - misdemeanor

Rogers Jr., John Edward, 1308 Dry Valley Road, Rossville, w/m, 33, violation probation-felony

Rutledge, Brian Reid, 4635 Hwy 337, LaFayette, w/m, 20, driving while license suspended or revoked- 1st offense, speeding

Scealf Jr., Kevin Lee, 9076 Hwy 193, Chickamauga, w/m, 32, knowingly remove/destroy/ circumvent electronic monitoring device pretrial/ bond condition

Shelton, Nicholas Jerome, 57 Maple Drive, Rossville, w/m, 39, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers-misdemeanor (4 counts), possession of marijuana less than 1 oz., crossing guard lines with weapons, intoxicants or drugs

Sigmon, Austin Lee, 151 Maness Trail, Rock Spring, w/m, 18, warrant-probation

Sigmon, Tonya Leigh, 151 Maness Trail, Rock Spring, w/f, 37, possession of meth

Sipes, Tamatha Suzanne, 1135 Campbell Ave. E42, LaFayette, w/f, 46, warrant out of state

Smith Jr., John Carlton, 285 Cooper Road, Rock Spring, w/m, 48, violate family violence order

Smith, Sharik Ronald, 32 Rosenwald St., Rossville, b/m, 25, theft by receiving stolen property-misdemeanor, suspended license, failure to maintain lane, tail light requirement

Thornton, James Michael, 6234 W 136 Hwy, LaFayette, w/m, 38, driving while license suspended or revoked

Totte, Lance Allan, 7753 S Hwy 27, Trion, w/m, 56, pedestrian under the influence (PUI)

Walker, James Brian, 1072 E. Reed Road, LaFayette, w/m, 44, violation probation - felony

Weathers Jr., Henry Ford, 711 Henderson St., LaFayette, 57, criminal trespass

White, Dakotah Hawke, w/m, 29,

Wiggins, Jacquez, Renash, 137 Steven St., Summerville, b/m, 31, simple battery – family violence

Williams, Allan Scott, 6949 Hwy 151, LaFayette, w/m, 49, receipt, possession, or transfer of firearm by convicted felon or felony first offender, use of a firearm by a convicted felon during the commission of a crime, possession of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of a schedule iv controlled substance, drugs to be kept in original container, abandonment of certain dangerous drugs, poisons, or controlled substances x2, willful obstruction of law enforcement-misdemeanor, tampering with evidence-felony, possession and use of drug related objects

Williams, Jamaal Lavonte, 5108 Florida Avenue, Chattanooga, b/m, 25, traffic charges

Young, Jeremy Antoine, 98 Hill Ave., Summerville, b/m, 38, driving while license suspended or revoked – 1st offense, tag light required