Today, Oct. 2, is …

National Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day

National Name Your Car Day

National Fried Scallops Day

Today in History

1187 Sultan Saladin captures Jerusalem from Crusaders

1470 Wars of the Roses: King Edward IV of England escapes to Flan-ders, only to return the following March to reclaim his throne.

1492 King Henry VII of England invades France

1528 William Tyndale publishes The Obedience of a Christian Man, which advocates the divine right of kings.

1535 Jacques Cartier discovers Mount Royal (Montreal)

1552 Conquest of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible.

1608 Hans Lippershey applies for patent for first known early telescope in the Netherlands

1614 French King Louis XIII declared an adult at 13

1656 English North American colony of Connecticut passes law against Quakers

1789 George Washington transmits the proposed Constitutional amendments (The United States Bill of Rights) to the States for ratifica-tion

1792 Baptist Missionary Society forms in London

1833 NY Anti-Slavery Society organized

1835 Battle of Gonzales fought between Texan settlers and Mexican forces. First engagement of the Texas revolution

1836 After 5 years at sea Charles Darwin returns to England aboard the HMS Beagle

1866 J Osterhoudt patents tin can with key opener

1870 Italy annexes Rome & Papal States; Rome made Italian capital

1871 Brigham Young, Mormon leader, arrested for bigamy

1872 Phileas Fogg sets out on his journey as depicted in Jules Verne's "Around the World in Eighty Days"

1895 1st cartoon comic strip is printed in a newspaper

1902 Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" is published by Frederick Warne & Co. in London

1904 German General Lothar von Trotha issues order to exterminate Herero people of Namidia, first genocide of the 20th Century, will kill 65,000 Herero and 100,000 of the Nama tribe

1912 Gopal Krishna Gokhale, at invitation of Gandhi, arrives in South Africa on a 26-day tour; he also visits Tolstoy Farm

1919 US President Woodrow Wilson has a stroke, leaving him partially paralyzed

1925 John Logie Baird performs the first test of a working television system

1935 Mussolini's Italian army attacks Abyssinia (Ethiopia)

1935 NY Hayden Planetarium, 4th in US, opens

1941 Germans launch attack on Moscow; 6 Paris synagogues are bombed by Gestapo

1942 RMS Queen Mary, carrying thousands of US troops, slices cruiser HMS Curacao in half, killing 239

1944 Polish resistance fighters capitulate in the Warsaw Uprising, with some 250,000 people killed

1947 New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra hits the first pinch-hit home run in Baseball World Series history off Ralph Branca in the 7th inning of a 9-8 loss to the Brooklyn Dodgers in Game 3

1950 1st strip of Charlie Brown, "Li'l Folks", later renamed "Peanuts", by Charles M. Schulz published in 9 papers

1955 "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" premieres on CBS television in the US

1956 1st atomic power clock exhibited-NYC

1957 "The Bridge on the River Kwai", directed by David Lean and star-ring William Holden and Alec Guinness, is released (Academy Awards Best Picture 1958)

1959 Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" premieres on CBS-TV

1962 San Francisco Giants beat rival LA Dodgers, 8-7 in 4 hours 18 minutes in Game 2 NL tie-break series; longest 9-inning game in MLB history; Giants win series, 2-1

1967 Thurgood Marshall sworn in as 1st black Supreme Court Justice

1968 Mexico City police fire on protesting students, 300-500 killed

1971 Homing pigeon averages a record 133kph (82.6 mph) in an 1100km race in Australia

1974 Future Baseball Hall of Fame right fielder Hank Aaron hits his fi-nal home run as a member of the Atlanta Braves, in a 13-0 drubbing of the Cincinnati Reds; Aaron's 733rd career HR on his last NL at bat

1979 Pope John Paul II visits New York City, and at the U.N. denounc-es all concentration camps and torture

1980 38 year old Muhammad Ali comes out of 2-year retirement to challenge undefeated world heavyweight champion Larry Holmes at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas; Ali pounded unmercifully for 10 rounds before corner throws in towel

1992 Military police storm the Carandiru Penitentiary in São Paulo, Brazil during a prison riot. The resulting massacre leaves 111 prisoners dead

1996 The Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments are signed by U.S. President Bill Clinton

2001 NATO backs US military strikes, following 9/11

2002 The Beltway sniper attacks begin, extending over three weeks

2016 Veteran broadcaster Vin Scully calls his final LA Dodgers game (7-1 loss in SF) after a record 67 MLB seasons

2016 Kim Kardashian is robbed at gunpoint of $10 million worth of jewelry in her hotel in Paris

2017 US scientists Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young awarded Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine for work on the body clock