It all started earlier this year. Folks could borrow audio and e-books online through the Catoosa Library and the Georgia Digital Download Overdrive system.

But a number of people were having trouble figuring it out – how do I get it to work on my phone, my laptop, my Kindle?

The library got enough calls about it that Director Richard Groves decided to set aside an hour each week so people could bring in their devices and get one-on-one help. "Technology Tuesday" was born.

"Overdrive can work a little differently on each devise," says Howard Holsomback, library administrative business, payroll and facilities specialist, who, along with Groves, is available to help people during the Technology Tuesday hour each week. "On Kindle, you actually have to log into Amazon to get to your borrowed books, even though the Overdrive service has no connection to Amazon."

Soon after Technology Tuesday was launched, Groves decided to expand the service to technology in general and not just problems with the library’s digital borrowing system.

"We’re not technology experts," says Holsomback. "But between the two of us, we often know enough to help people with problems. Sometimes we can help them get over a hump and take off on their own."

One time, says Holsomback, an older couple came in with their new smart phone. "They wanted to know how to take pictures and send them to their children. We discovered that the wife had already been taking pictures without realizing it, so she had a lot of amusing selfies on her phone. All of us got a laugh out of that."

Holsomback helped the couple understand the various ways they could send pictures – as attachments, through social media and other methods. He sent them on their way armed with the knowledge they needed to continue learning by themselves.

"If we’re not successful in helping," Holsomback says, "at least we tried and it didn’t cost anyone anything. Sometimes, though, just talking over the problem with us makes a light bulb go on for a person, and they’re able to figure things out from there."

Technology Tuesday runs for an hour, 2-3 p.m., every Tuesday at the Catoosa County Library at 108 Catoosa Circle in Ringgold.

The library can be reached by phone at 706-965-3600, by email at or through Facebook at