Landon Pickett is all smiles as he loves his school and serving the Generals

Landon Pickett is living large so to speak.

The Heritage Middle School standout student manager in football and basketball says he’s having a phenomenal eighth grade year. After finishing his season in football in NGAC championship - where he was honored for his efforts on the gridiron by coach Mel Edwards - and being able to attend an Alabama football in the fall (that was highlight by having his photo taken with “some pretty girls” to send to his older brother Logan) the younger of the Pickett brothers said he was preparing for a national championship with the Crimson Tide heading into Monday's game.

“I think we’re going to win,” he said recently at a movie with his parents (Danielle and Tony) over Christmas break.

Landon, who enjoys movies and goes often with Heritage Middle School principal Chris Lusk, said he hopes to celebrate even more in the near future as he thinks his NFL team has a shot at making the Super Bowl this year.

“I’m cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers,” he said. “Anyone but the Denver Broncos.”

He said Denver, who is also his brother’s team as well as the Tennessee Vols are among his least favorite teams, which is another reason why he’s having the best year ever just a few weeks into 2017.

CORRECTION: This story, printed in the Jan. 11 edition of CCN sports, said "the younger of the autistic Pickett brothers," referring to Landon (who isn't autistic). My sincerest apologies, as I mixed the two siblings up. Logan, who is autistic, began his road to fame as a manager too - highlighted by him going viral after scoring his team's first and only touchdown against Cartersville in 2015. Landon, like his brother, has a huge heart when it comes to serving others and this story is the first of a two-part series on him.