Logan Curtis signs with GNTC

On hand at Southeast Whitfield to see Logan Curtis (seated, center) sign with Georgia Northwestern were Tina and Kevin Curtis. On the back row (from left) were Southeast Whitfield coach Brad Ogle, Georgia Northwestern coach Eddie Jackson and Southeast Whitfield athletic director Mark Lentych.(Messenger photo/Scott Herpst)

Some golfers these days have a club in their hand by the time they learn to walk.

That wasn't the case for Southeast Whitfield's Logan Curtis.

Curtis was old enough to drive a car by the time he finally tried to drive a golf ball, but the Raider senior has proven to be something of a fast learner.

Despite just three years in the sport, Curtis has impressed longtime LaFayette golf pro and new Georgia Northwestern coach Eddie Jackson enough to earn a spot in Jackson's first recruiting class with the Bobcats.

"A lot of the new generation of golfers started playing when they were four or five years old," Jackson explained. "Logan didn't, but I think that gives him an eagerness with golf; to go out and really work hard on the game and we're really going to push him."

Curtis, who signed with the Bobcats at a recent ceremony at the school, said he was "honored" to be a part of the GNTC squad.

"It means a lot," he said. "I haven't played golf for very long, but I know (playing in college) is something people look forward to doing when they start playing a sport."

Curtis first took up the game as a sophomore, but said things really begin to click this past summer.

"I started shooting lower numbers (in the 30's for nine holes) and started getting the hang of it," he said. "I started holding my own against my buddies, who have been playing golf since they started to walk."

"Logan had never picked up a golf club until about three years ago and he's gone from being a very new beginner to someone who is signing (to play in college)," Southeast coach Brad Ogle said. "His determination and work ethic is what has got him here."

Jackson said that Curtis’ best days are still ahead of him.

"I got on Logan early," the coach recalled. "I had seen him play in a few tournaments and he's got a lot of potential, like all of the other guys we've signed so far. He's a got a few things he needs to work on in his game, but I look forward to the challenge of working with him over the next few years. I'm excited."

"Like Coach Jackson said, I think Logan can progress even more," Ogle added. "There are things he needs to work, but he's only been playing for three years, so I think he can really benefit from someone like Coach Jackson, who can work with him and really turn his game even more around.

"And Logan is determined enough to do it. He plays golf every day. It's really become a lifestyle for him now and not just a name on a shirt. I really hope he progresses and becomes a great player for the Bobcats."

Curtis said he couldn't wait to get started.

"I know all the (other) guys already and it will be great to go there and play a sport with people I already know," he continued. "I like the coach too. Eddie is a good man."

Curtis said he is currently undecided on a major.