CHEERLEADING: Maggie Scruggs gives GNTC something to cheer about

On hand at Georgia Northwestern to see Dalton High School senior Maggie Scruggs (seated, second from left) sign on to become a member of the Cheer Cats was Will Scruggs, Sara Hoover and Robin Scruggs. Also there for the ceremony was GNTC Cheer Cat Autumn Lowe, Cheer Cat head coach Karen Stoker, Cheer Cat assistant coach Kristi Thomas and Cheer Cat Angela Willbanks. (Photo by Scott Herpst)

The Georgia Northwestern Cheer Cats continued to add to their 2018-2019 roster as they picked up a signature from athletic Dalton High School senior Maggie Scruggs last Tuesday.

“It’s really exciting,” Scruggs said. “I’m really proud of myself and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Cheer Cats head coach Karen Stoker said she and Scruggs corresponded by email on several occasions and she met with Scruggs and her father, Will, before Maggie decided to tryout for the team.

“What I witnessed blew me away,” Stoker explained. “She accumulated perfect scores in chants, dance, pike jump, standing tumbling, stunting and in her interview.

“She will bring great motions, beautiful jumps, energetic dance and a loud voice to the sidelines. She will bring excellent form and technique in stunting and extremely strong running and standing tumbling. Her standing tumbling includes four back handsprings and she also boasts a round-off tuck and a round-off back handspring for her running tumbling.”

Scruggs said having a background in gymnastics helps.

“I was a gymnast all my life, but switched to cheerleading when I was in seventh grade,” she explained. “I’m a team player. I’m really strong at stunting and tumbling, so I think, all-around, I’m pretty good. I also like the surgical technician program that (GNTC) has and that it’s close to home.”

“She’s a team player and an encourager,” Stoker added. “We’re very fortunate to have snagged this wonderful athlete.”