Courtney Blair signs with GNTC

On hand to see Coahulla Creek cheerleader Courtney Blair (seated, center) sign on with the Georgia Northwestern Cheer Cats are Charles and Melinda Blair, Coahulla Creek assistant principal Sonya Planzer, GNTC Cheer Cats head coach Karen Stoker, Coahulla Creek cheer coach Marybeth Dent, GNTC Cheer Cats assistant coach Kristi Thomas, Coahulla Creek principal Tracy Mardis and Coahulla Creek assistant principal Crystal Bryant. (Messenger photo/Scott Herpst)

A cheerleader since she was six years old, Courtney Blair wasn't ready to give up the sport she loves.

And now the Coahulla Creek High School senior won't have to.

Blair will get to continue rooting for her school after recently signing on to join the Cheer Cats of Georgia Northwestern.

"This day means a lot to me," Blair said. "This means it's final. I'm going to go somewhere in my life."

Blair tried out for the Cheer Cats back in March and impressed the coaching staff enough to earn a spot on the 2017-2018 squad.

"You've heard the saying that great things come in small packages, well this saying sums up Courtney," Cheer Cats head coach Karen Stoker said. "She's a skilled sideline cheerleader as well as having great competitive potential. She has great motions and energy when cheering. Her dance ability is spot on and will be an asset during basketball and competition seasons. She has a great toe touch and hurdler, which will be put to good use during her time as a Cheer Cat."

Blair, who did all-star cheerleading back in middle school, said she plans to bring a great personality to the sidelines.

"I'm going to bring my outgoing self, my smile and things like that (to the Cheer Cats)," she explained.

Coahulla Creek coach Marybeth Dent said the Cheer Cats were getting a good one.

"Courtney has been a four-year cheerleader for varsity basketball and she's been a leader for us," Dent said. "She's always peppy, smiling, and energetic and I think she's going to be a great addition to Georgia Northwestern."

"I like that (Georgia Northwestern) is friendly and that people seem more accepting," Blair added.

"Her stunting abilities will be a true asset to our program," Stoker continued. "She's an excellent flyer with good form and technique. What's so amazing about her is that she stunted with a group of cheerleaders that she had never stunted with before (in tryouts) and took it all in stride. She executed a full down from extension with great precision. She followed that with a straight-up extended lib with a heel stretch."

Stoker called her "fearless"

"She has a great attitude and a willingness to try anything," the veteran coach added. "We are so excited to see what this (next) year holds for her and our Georgia Northwestern Cheer Cats."

Blair said she plans to study radiology.