Here is the Walker County arrest/booking report for March 4-10:

Adams, Lachrisha Natae, w/f, 30, possession of meth, possession of schedule iv, sale, distribution of possession of dangerous drug

Bates, Misty Dawn, w/f, 39, disorderly conduct

Bellah, Gregg Shannon, w/m, 42, possession of meth

Boothe, Joesph Randall, w/m, 43, probation violation

Boyd, Ramon Swavey, b/m, 18, driving while unlicensed

Bradley, Sharla Rachelle, w/f, 34, failure to appear (m), possession of meth, possession of marijuama less than 1 oz, possession of drug related objects

Breedwell, Dustin Adam, w/m, 23, possession of meth

Brogdon, Kevin Leon, w/m, 29, terroristic threats and acts

Broome, Alexis Elizabeth, w/f, 22, disorderly conduct

Brown, Terrance Leann, w/f, 38, possession of meth, seat belt violation

Brown, Wendy Michelle, w/f, 34, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz.

Bryson, Terrance Jacob, w/m, 20, theft by taking (m)

Burson, Robert Lee, w/m, 34, aggravated child molestation, sodomy, incest

Buxmann, Vance Alexander, w/m, 31, possession of schedule II substance, drugs to be kept in original container

Carrington, Emily Ann, w/f, 36, failure to appear (m)

Coffman, Joseph Lee, w/m, 26, failure to appear (m) x2

Coffman, Toby Tyler, w/m, 28, criminal trespass

Crawley, Abigail Carmia-Brooke, w/f, 18, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz.

Crowder, Jacob Allen, w/m, 18, furnishing, purchasing, possession of alcoholic beverage by person under 21

Dean, Mindy Ann, w/f, 39, criminal trespass

Dean, Tommie Lewis, b/m, 41, fleeing/attempting to elude police

Denton, James Clinton, w/m, 47, possession of marijuana less that 1 oz.

Douglas, Cecil Woodard, w/m, 39, aggravated assault

Douglas, Dana Marie, w/f, 43, battery, cruelty to children-3rd degree

Durden, Thomas Richard, w/m, 57, probation violation (m)

Elliott, Bobby Wayne, w/m, 36, burglary-non forced entry

Elliott, Patrick Allen, w/m, 32, burglary, failure to appear (m)

Everett, Joseph Lee, w/m, 29, failure to appear (m)

Frye, Jager Ethan, w/m, 18, driving without valid license, improper transfer of plate, seat belt violation, no insurance

Garrett, Jessica Suzanne, w/f, 32, reckless conduct

Giles, Joshua David, w/m, 37, driving while unlicensed

Gill, Tyler Lee, w/m, 21, obstruction of law enforcement (m), seat belt violation

Goins, Sabrina Louise, w/f, 48, obstruction of law enforcement, theft by taking (m)

Gonzalez, Isaac Santos, h/m, 28, driving without a valid license

Gordon, John Robert, w/m, 39, possession of meth, tampering with evidence

Green, Joshua Shane, w/m, 28, probation violation (f)

Gunter, Brooke, w/f, 40, driving on suspended license

Harris, Ashley Shane, w/m, 41, public drunk

Hewitt, Taylor Desiree, w/f, 24, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz

Chapman, Draven Scott, w/m, 19, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz., failure to stop at stop sign

Hicks, Rebecca Lee, w/f, 36, hold for court

Hilgen, Paul Dion, w/m, 31, hold for court

Holmes, Christopher Shane, w/m, 33, hold for court

Hughes, Robert Corey, w/m, 29, no insurance, driving on suspended license

Jefferson, Michael Cornell, b/m, 32, hold for court

Kilgore, Mirkey Lee, w/m, 43, battery – family violence

Langston, William Dean, w/m, 28, theft by shoplifting (m)

Lankford, Mark Anthony, w/m, 35, battery – family violence

Lemons, Christian Lee, w/m, 25, terroristic threats

Long, Patricia Ann ,w/f, 65, simple battery

Marsh II, David Junior, b/m, 43, simple battery – family violence

Ashworth, Festus Blane, w/m, 47, driving while license suspended or revoked-1{sup}ST{/sup} offense

Martinez, Javier Francisco, h/m, 53, driving without a valid license

McKeehan, Stacy Lynn, w/f, 34, criminal trespass, burglary forced entry (residence)

Millwood, Austin Lee, w/m, 43, probation violation (f)

Moates, Amber Chasisty, w/f, 33, theft by shoplifting (m)

Moore, Matthew Darrin, w/m, 18, possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz

Murphy, Gavin Lee, w/m, 19, theft by shoplifting (x2)

Overby, Cari Renee, w/f, 29, driving without valid license

Overby, Matthew Corey, w/m, 31, failure to appear (m)

Palacios, Esteban Jose, w/m, 29, driving on suspended, no tag, no insurance

Pascual, Gabriel Darbin, h/m, 22, driving on suspended license, seat belt violation

Payne, Bryan Alton, w/m, 56, failure to appear (m), obscured or missing license plates, driving on suspended, no proof of insurance, taillight requirements, view obstructed

Pence, Christopher Brian, w/m, 34, possession of meth, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz, violation of probation (m), failure to appear (m)

Penson, Travis Brian, w/m, 37, hold for other agency

Reynolds, Heather Michelle, w/f, 46, possession of meth, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz

Reynolds, Jeremy Ray, w/m, 39, hold for court

Rodregez, Ruloflo, h/m, 33, driving without a valid license

Rollins, Nathaniel Joe, w/m, 37, no insurance, driving on suspended license

Smith, Justin Kelly, w/m, 32, failure to appear (m)

Smith, Terrance Donell, b/m, 31, simple battery

Songer, Lebron Odell, w/m, 24, probation violation (m)

Staton, Savannah Evans, w/f, 19, false report of crime

Stubbs, Jullian Demtrius, b/m, 24, fugitive from justice

Swanney, Donna Marie, w/f, 52, burglary

Taylor, Anna Kaye, w/f, 65, DUI, failure to maintain lane, speeding, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz

Trantham, Alexis Fraizer, w/f, 33, height requirements on fog lights, driving on suspended license, failure to appear (m)

Turner, Tony Neil, w/m, 44, DUI refusal, open container, tail light violation

Walters, Amy Dianne, w/f, 43, driving while license suspended or revoked-1st offense

Weathers, Justin Ryan, w/m, 31, aggravated assault

Weaver, Danny Lee, w/m, 42, disorderly conduct

Webb, Merrell Travis, w/m, 46, cruelty to children – 1{sup}st{/sup} degree

Whitmire, Adam Jerome, w/m, 37, simple assault – family violence

Wimberly, Brittany Joanna, w/f, 28, failure to appear (m)

Wooten, Kenneth Wayne, w/m, 57, theft by shoplifting (m)

Worley, Eric Shane, w/m, 40, probation violation (f)

Worley, Jason Samuel, w/m, 38, possession of meth, possession and use of drug related objects