Walker County Sheriff's Department

Here is the Walker County arrest/booking report for Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2018:

Bean, Melody Rose, 669 Anderson Road, Ringgold, w/f, 25, violation of the Georgia controlled substances act, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz.

Bigham, Jeremy Wade, 3072 Villanow Mill Creek Road, LaFayette, w/m, 25, simple battery

Blevins, Tony Lamar, 847 Richardson Road, LaFayette, w/m, 61, child molestation

Brady, Magan Michelle, 2207 West Shepherd Road, Chattanooga, w/f, 33, loitering and prowling, public drunk, entering automobile with intent to commit theft or felony

Brady, Sarah Emma Jane, 105 Alpine Drive, Rossville, w/f, 23, simple battery (family violence), willful obstruction of officer (m)

Bryant Jr., Elmer Burnette, 74 Hootie Hoo Hollow, LaFayette, w/m, 57, probation violation (f)

Bynum, Justin Tyler, 435 Century Drive, Rossville, w/m, 27, probation violation (f)

Campbell, Grifton Nicholas, 234 Heritage Drive, Chickamauga, w/m, 39, false report of a crime

Carr, Theodore Hamilton, 137 Summitt St., Rossville, w/m, 56, battery-family violence (m)

Carter III, Lawrence Franklin, 128 Sagebrush Lane, Rossville, w/m, 37, driving while license suspended, no proof of insurance, speeding

Cauthen, William Tristan, 185 Corinth Road, LaFayette, w/m, 35, battery (family violence) – 1st offense (m)

Coggins, Johnny Andrew, 614 Foster Mill Drive, LaFayette, w/m, 40, simple battery (family violence)

Collison, Tyler James, 1617 S Poplar St., Lavonia, w/m, 20, fugitive from justice

Corley, Jada Shyan, 437 Hurtt Road, Chickamauga, w/f, 19, aggravated battery (family violence), cruelty to children – 3rd degree or 3rd offense

Crofts, Stacy Lynn, 18245 Hwy 41, Chattanooga, w/f, 43, probation violation (f)

Cropper, Brandon Cody, 1 Amber Lane, Rossville, w/m, 29, non-forced burglary-residence

Dalrymple, Joshua Wade, 975 E Valley Drive, Rossville, w/m, 34, theft by shoplifting (m)

Davis, Brody Chandler, 437 Smith Liner Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 19, possession and use of drug related objects, driving without license on person, driving too fast for conditions, driving on suspended/revoked license, driving on suspended/revoked/canceled registration, failure to use turn signal x3, failure to obey stop/yield sign 2x, failure to obey R-R crossing stop sign, lane change violation, reckless driving, fleeing officer for a felony offense, possession of meth, possession of marijuana near park/housing project

Dennison, Rickey Earl, 15 Drew Lane, LaFayette, w/m, 52, violation probation (f)

Dill, Alixandra Deziree, 2020 Bronco Road, LaFayette, w/f, 23, marijuana possession less than 1 0z

Dunn, Athena Starr, 13 Virginia Ave., Rossville, w/f, 32, possession of meth, possession of marijuana near park/housing project, possession and use of drug related objects

Eaton, Jessica Lynn, 2129 County Line Road, Rock Spring, w/f, 31, driving license suspended/revoked, failure to appear x2 (m), willful obstruction of officer (m), giving false name/address/birth date, failure to yield

Exum, Nicholas Blake, 9039 Dallas Hollow Road, Soddy-Daisy, Tenn., w/m, 25, probation violation (f)

Feagin, Joshua Wayne, 814 Lower Mill Creek Road, Rocky Face, w/m, 34, theft by taking (m), criminal trespass

Flowers, Zachariah Aaron, w/m, 22, probation violation (f)

Ford, Kenneth Steven, 438 LaFayette Road 8, Rocky Face, w/m, 23, probation violation (m)

Frayer, Tonya Louise, 709 Foster Mill Drive, LaFayette, w/f, 33, driving on license suspended or revoked-2nd offense

Gass, Janet Denise, 906 S. Oakwood St., Rossville, w/f, 52, obstruction of law enforcement, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass

Gordon, Wayne Edward, 3072 Villanow Mill Creek Road, LaFayette, w/m, 64, possession of a firearm or knife during commission or attempt to commit certain felonies, aggravated assault, cruelty to children in the 3rd degree

Green, Norma Jean, 6451 Slygo Road, Wildwood, w/f, 33, suspended license

Groce, Joshua Andrew, 106 W. McCarter Road, LaFayette, w/m, 36, interference with government property (m)

Harmon, Richard Wayne, 72 Sharon Lane, Ringgold, w/m, 33, criminal damage to business property 2nd

Harris, Brandon Dale, 708 McLemore St., LaFayette, w/m, 24, hold for court-maximum security

Hemphill, Anthony Lamar, 2615 Austin Drive, Chattanooga, b/m, 27, possession of marijuana, possession of schedule IV, expired license plate, no insurance, lane change violation

Henry, Bobby Lee, 1183 Arnold Road, Rock Spring, w/m, 39, failure to appear (m)

Henson, Keith Houston Todd, 5 Homeplace Road, Rossville, w/m, 21, probation violation (f)

Holt, Adrienne Cassandra, 161 Laurelwood Circle, Rossville, w/f, 39, failure to appear (m)

Jackson, Sara Jane, 911 Styles Road, LaFayette, w/f, 48, battery (family violence)

Jenkins, Anthony Kerson, 817 Henderson Ave., Rossville, w/m, 25, violation of the Georgia controlled substances act, marijuana possession less than 1 oz

Johnson, Ashley Brooke, 300 Cooper St., LaFayette, w/f, 30, driving without license on person, not moving over for emergency vehicle

Johnson, Rebecca Lee, 601 James St., Rossville, w/f, 39, failure to appear

Johnson, William Lamar, 634 W. Garden Farm Road, Rossville, w/m, 46, probation violation (f)

Jones, Justin Lee, 410 Gordon St., Chickamauga, w/m, 34, DUI-less safe, improper lane change

Kirk, Shene Lucretia, 13 King St., LaFayette, w/f, 32, possession of meth, crossing the guard line

Leming, Sterling Lavern, 199 Blevin Drive, Chickamauga, w/m, 64, theft by receiving stolen property (f)

Linebarger, Robert Michael, 53 Dunn Drive, LaFayette, w/m, 37, failure to appear (m)

Locklear, Anthony David, 122 Lavenia Circle, Chickamauga, w/m, 27, burglary, theft by taking motor vehicle, failure to appear (m), probation violation (f)

Logan, Richard Andrew, PO Box 256, Mount Vernon, Ga., w/m, 52, hold for court

Long, Morgan Danielle, w/f, 24, possession of meth, possession of drug related object

Longwith, Bruce Campbell, 14413 Hwy 193, Chickamauga, w/m, 55, DUI-less safe, driving while license suspended/revoked, no license plate

Madaris, Dylan Dorayn, 694 W Schmitt Road, Rossville, w/m, 26, burglary-forced entry 2nd degree

Mathis, Dakota James, 711 West James St., Rossville, w/m, 20, giving false names/address/birth date to law enforcement officer

McCormick, Steven Alan, 302 Glenn St., LaFayette, w/m, 26, endangering security interest

Miller, Maegan Renea, 146 Alton Terrace, Rossville, w/f, 18, theft by taking (f)

Morris, Austin Shane, 305 Woodlawn Drive, Rossville, w/m, 20, underage consumption

Morris, Joseph Cameron, 305 Woodlawn Drive, Rossville, w/m, 18, underage consumption

Motley, Kenny Allen, 353 Carolyn Drive, Chickamauga, w/m, 40, fleeing or attempting to elude police, driving while license suspended or revoked-1st offense, motorcycle no insurance/proof of insurance, fail to register vehicle, removing / affixing tag with intent to conceal identity of vehicle, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers (m), probation violation (f)

Mule, Gina Marie, 1597 Straight Gut Road, Rock Spring, w/f, 32, simple battery

Mullins, Rocky Joshua Dean, 6451 Slygo Road, Wildwood, w/m, 32, possession of marijuana

Nelson, Jonathan Lamar, 491 Chandler Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 39, open container violation, DUI – less safe to drive, following too closely, reckless driving

Osburne, Corey Lovenne, w/m, 33, driving on suspended/revoked license

Padgett, Corbin Joseph, 216 Sammons Drive, Chickamauga, w/m, 19, DUI drugs, hit and run, underage consumption

Pendergrass, Cody Blane, 620 Mohawk St. B, Rossville, w/m 23, failure to appear (m)

Perry, Shawn David, 164 Waynes Lane, Ringgold, w/m, 28, probation violation (f)

Prince, Joseph Frank, Airport Road, Summerville, w/m, 34, probation violation (f), burglary, hindering 911 calls

Ragland, Michael Brien, 509 First Street, LaFayette, w/m, 43, theft by deception (m), possession of meth

Rhodes, Scott Allan, 401 First St., LaFayette, w/m, 40, willful obstruction of officer (m), failure to appear (f)

Ritchie, Jamie Marie, w/f, 26, possession of meth, possession of drug related object, giving false name

Robinson, Brooke Cierra, 40 Painter Lane, LaFayette, w/f, 28, tag light requirement, suspended registration, driving on suspended/revoked license

Rosser, Devin Lee, 4864 Boynton Drive, Ringgold, w/m, 22, failure to appear (f)

Sabeeh, Ali Mohammed, 340 Lawrence Drive, Ringgold, w/m, 18, criminal trespass

Salazar-Mireles, Juan Antonio, 135 E Ave., Flintstone, h/m, 40, DUI

Sanchez Jr., Steven Paul, 80 Palm Beach Ave., Rossville, h/m, 28, probation violation (m)

Scarbro, James Aaron, 601 James St. 28, Rossville, w/m, 41, public drunk

Sharp, Clara Renea, 4 Carroll Lane, Rossville, w/f, 40, probation violation (f)

Shell Jr., Nicky Orville, 2709 E. 18th St., Chattanooga, w/m, 39, escape (f), failure to appear (f)

Shropshire, Jeleea Shanice, 206 Webb Wheeler St., LaFayette, b/f, 30, deposit account fraud/bad checks

Sipsy, Stephanie Denise, 15 Drew Lane, LaFayette, w/f, 35, driving while license suspended or revoked-1st offense, marijuana-possession less than 1 oz

Sivels, Johnny, 1417 Stratman Road, Chattanooga, b/m, 52, theft by taking (m)

Smith III, Harry Butler, 846 Back Valley Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 35, failure to appear (f)

Srofe, Jebediah Haberson, 1316 Michael Lane, Hixson, Tenn., w/m, 22, failure to exercise due care in use of cell phone/radio, following too closely, wrong class of license, driving while license suspended/revoked – 1st offense, motorcycle no insurance/proof of insurance

Stanley, Miranda Nichole, 12035 Hwy 151, Trion, w/f, 31, probation violation (f)

Stinson, Diamond Bronsha, 284 West 38th St., Chattanooga, b/f, 24, possession of marijuana, possession of schedule IV

Stoner, Bradley Tyson, w/m, 31, riot in a penal institution, battery

Swann, Christopher Davis, 230 North Ave., Flintstone, w/m, 28, willful obstruction of law enforcement (m)

Tallent, Brandy Nicole, 3909 Calhoun Ave., w/f, 34, driving on suspended or revoked license, no insurance, improper transfer of license plate

Tucker, Anthony Duane, 180 Krupski Loop, Lookout Mountain, w/m, 41, serious injury by vehicle

Underwood, Christopher Gale, w/m, 46, criminal trespass

Wagner, Ronald Eugene, 913 State Line Road, East Ridge, Tenn., w/m, 24, affray

Wagner, Ryan Wayne, 243 Lytle Road B, Rossville, w/m, 24, affray

Walker, Avery Jameson-Nash, 169 Burgess Hollow Road, LaFayette, w/m, 20, battery (family violence) 1st offense x2

Walker, James Brian, 1072 E Reed Road, LaFayette, w/m, 44, hold for other agency

Watts, Sara Elizabeth, 616 Mohawk St., Rossville, w/f, 40, parole violation

Webb, Justin Tyler, 2152 Kay Conley Road, Rock Spring, w/m, 37, possession of marijuana and meth and drug related objects, driving while license suspended/revoked, no insurance, removing/affixing tag to conceal identity of vehicle

Whitton, Matthew Neil, 712 Alexander Road, Summerville, w/m, 36, failure to appear (m)

Wiley, Trevor Hamilton, 146 Foster Circle, LaFayette, w/m, 21, probation violation (f)

Williams, Bryan Lee, 116 Bryan Drive, Wildwood, w/m, 39, probation violation (m)

Wisham, Scottie Lee, 1327 Huffman Road, LaFayette, w/m, 28, willful obstruction of officer (m), probation violation (f)

Word, Caderius Rashad, 711 N. Hwy 341, Chickamauga, b/m, 20, seat belt violation, driving without license on person, crossing the guard line with weapons, intoxicants, or drugs, distribution/sale of marijuana, possession of marijuana (more than 1 oz)

York, Brandon Thomas, 449 Gray Road, Ringgold, w/m, 35, probation (f)