sheriffs report

Here is the Walker County arrest/booking report for Nov. 19-25, 2018:

Alder, Jacky Ray, 601 James St., Rossville, w/m, 37, fugitive from justice

Argueda, Dario Melchor, 135 E 28th St., Chattanooga, h/m, 25, expired or no drivers license, open container violation beer/ale/stout/other similar beverages, DUI-refusal

Ballard, Galan Gregory, 705 Wooten Road, Ringgold, w/m, 23, failure to appear

Bradshaw, Michael Ryan, 83 Roadside Lane, Ft. Oglethorpe, w/m, 25, marijuana possession less than 1 oz, possession of methamphetamine, fugitive from justice

Brundidge, Terrence Labron, 730 W James St., Rossville, b/m, 19, simple battery-family violence

Carroll, Heather Nichole, 85 Edsel Drive, Rossville, w/f, 33, violation of probation (m)

Caylor Daniel Joseph, 7714 Hwy 151, LaFayette, w/m, 39, possession of methamphetamine, violate family violence order (m), tag light required

Clark, Jonathan David, 3317 Halls Valley Road, Trion, w/m, 29, probation violation (m), tail light requirement, driving on suspended

Conrad, Madison Michelle, 1313 E Sherry Drive, Rossville, w/f, 32, false statements and writings, hindering apprehension or punishment of criminal

Cook, Bradley Don, 3072 Round Pond Road, LaFayette, w/m, 27, probation violation (f)

Crawley, Robert Brett, E 51st St., Chattanooga, w/m, 55, simple assault-family violence, criminal damage to property

Culbert, Jessie Lynn, 343 Wallaceville School Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 27, battery-family violence

Deanecelli II, Ron Sir, 829 N Pine St., Rossville, w/m, 42, failure to appear (m)

Dixon, Barry Lynn, b/m, 40, simple battery-family violence

Dixon, Kota Allen, 253 Wesley Road, LaFayette, w/m, 27, failure to appear (m), marijuana possession less than 1 oz

Duckworth, David Patrick, 6427 N Hwy 302, Trenton, w/m, 45, hold for court, weekender only

Dupree, Charles Wilbert, 4009 15th Ave., Chattanooga, b/m, 39, failure to appear (m), possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, crossing guard line with drugs, tampering with evidence (f), driving while license suspended or revoked

Fleming, Robert Marcus, b/m, 37, hold for probation detention center

Gass, Douglas Cody, 1208 Kelly St., Rossville, w/m, 22, probation violation (f)

Gilliam, Keelee Patricia, 946 E. Valley Road, Rossville, w/f, 28, probation violation (f)

Glass, Michael Jacob, 162 Pond Springs School Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 23, burglary

Glover, Paul Michael, 378 Chloe Drive, LaFayette, w/m, 36, hold for court

Hawkins, Tyrecia Georgette, 207 Doc Love Ave., LaFayette, b/f, 21, probation violation (m)

Hilburn, Matthew Shane, 149 York Road, LaFayette, w/m, 43, aggravated assault, criminal trespass

Hood, Samuel Franklin, 6039 Porter Drive, Harrison, Tenn., w/m, 54, suspended license, headlight requirement

Jones, Roderick Demond, 4702 Midland Pike, Chattanooga, b/m, 36, simple battery – family violence, cruelty to children 3rd degree (m)

Justice, Jamie Rhiannan, 582 Sardis Church Road, Lyerly, w/f, 18, marijuana possession less than 1 oz, driver to exercise proper use of radio & mobile telephone, impeding flow by driving side by side

Kerr, Afahri Anthony, 115 Chaucer Parkway, Fayetteville, b/m, 26, failure to appear (f)

Ledford, Madison Aleia, 730 W James St., Rossville, w/f, 19, simple battery-family violence

Lemming, Joseph Ladon, 3415 Hwy 48, Summerville, w/m, 43, DUI-refusal, open container, improper lane change

Millican Derrick Hunter, w/m, 22, hold for probation detention center

Murray Travis, w/m, 24, hold for probation detention center

Nelson, Jeremy Lyle, 3833 Chattanooga Valley Road, Flintstone, w/m, 42, unlawful conduct during 911 calls or otherwise contacts 911 and makes a false report

Owenby, Robert Eric, 1313 Sherry Drive, Rossville, w/m, 45, aggravated assault on law enforcement officer 2x

Parker, Trey Austin, 1209 Indiana Ave. G8, Rossville, w/m, 17, probation violation (f)

Pittman, Jonathan David, 158 Irene Way, Cohutta, w/m, 33, probation violation (f)

Redden, Lance Jarrett, 1 Williams Lane, Rossville, w/m, 18, terroristic threats (m), simple assault – family violence

Reynolds, Richard Kevin, 16 Euclid Ave. M9, Chickamauga, w/m, 54, possession of methamphetamine, possession and use of drug related objects

Richardson, Zachary Prescott, 1574 Hwy 157, Lookout Mountain, w/m, 19, expired tag, failure to maintain lane, false report of crime

Roberson, Sara Rebecca, 388 Burning Bush Road, Ringgold, w/f, 36, probation violation (f)

Rogers, David Lee, 85 Edsel Drive, Rossville, w/m, 33, probation violation (f)

Ross III, John Ambers, 195 Myers Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 30, probation violation (f)

Russell, Jacob Scott, w/m, 26, hold for probation detention center

Sampley, Damon Ladale, 909 Shipp Road, LaFayette, w/m, 39, possession of meth

Small, Kendall Avery, 510 Central Ave., Chattanooga, b/m, 23, marijuana possession less than 1 oz, failure to appear (m)

Smith, Robert William, 55 W Schmitt Road, Rossville, w/m, 34, failure to appear (m)

Sneed, Benjamin Frederick, 205 Pat Webb Circle, Rossville, w/m, 43, driving on suspended, taillight lenses requirement

Spence, Aubrey Hannah, 129 Bradford Lane, Chickamauga, w/f, 20, marijuana possession less than 1 oz., lighted headlights/other lights required ½ hours after sunset - ½ hour before sunrise

Thomison, Michael Christopher, 1410 Woody Lane, Rossville, w/m, 42, driving while license suspended or revoked-1st offense

Wallin, Cassandra Leann, 601 Magnolia St., LaFayette, w/f, 32, possession of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule IV controlled substance

Wallin, Corey Eugene, 204 S Cherokee St., LaFayette, w/m, 30, probation violation (m)

Williams, Cordell Lawaun, 3210 6th Ave., Chattanooga, b/m, 30, theft by taking (f) 2x

Yanez, Krystal, Michell, 361 David St., Chattanooga, w/f, 32, failure to appear (m)