sheriffs report

Here is the walker county arrest/booking report for Nov. 26-Dec. 2:

Adams, Jamie Allen, 488 Simmons Tawzer Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 42, possession of meth, probation violation (f)

Alexander, Michael Allen, 425 Montclair Drive, Rossville, w/m, 44, failure to appear x2 (m), probation violation (m)

Baker, Howard Eugene, 448 W Reed Road, LaFayette, w/m, 45, obstruction of law enforcement (m)

Baker, john Marcum, w/m, 27, transport to probation detention center

Blair, Mary Jean, 1700 Strawberry Lane, Hixson, Tenn., w/f, 44, shoplifting x2, failure to appear (m), probation violation (m), simple battery

Blevins, Michael Wayne, 14 Blue Bird Lane, Rossville, w/m, 63, aggravated assault – family violence

Brady, Jeffery Tyler, 5472 W Armuchee Road, Summerville, w/m, 21, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, crossing guard lines with drugs or weapons, battery – family violence

Bridges, Morticia Lachele, 233 Pat Webb Circle, Rossville, b/f, 32, probation violation (f)

Brock, Stacey Leigh, 100 Southview St., Chattanooga, w/f, 29, no license, bringing stolen property into state, fugitive from justice

Brooks, Ronnie Levell, 1704 N Cedar Lane 1, Flintstone, b/m, 56, suspended license, failure to appear (m)

Brumlow, Timothy Levi, 808 Stiles Road, LaFayette, w/m, 21, parole violation (f)

Bryson, Kermit Washington, 6853 Stanford Gap Road, Chattanooga, w/m, 73, failure to register as sex offender, probation violation (f)

Campbell, Grifton Nicholas, 234 Heritage Drive, Chickamauga, w/m, 39, false report of crime

Capps, Jennifer Dawn, 1538 Mert St., Rossville, w/f, 45, failure to appear (f), no license plate, DUI

Castro, Cherie Elizabeth, 3175 Trion Teloga Road, Summerville, w/f, 32, aggravated assault – other weapon

Coburn, Steven Thomas, 3629 Thrushwood Drive, Hixson, Tenn., w/m, 25, driving on suspended license, improper transfer of license plate, no insurance

Crabtree, Nicholas Shea, 1534 Berryton Road, Summerville, w/m, 43, parole violation

Craig, Ashley Nicole, 1109 E 33rd St., Chattanooga, w/f, 24, failure to appear (f), possession of schedule II

Craig, Coby Wade, w/m, 24, transport to probation detention center

Crowe, Michael Anthony, 31 King St., LaFayette, w/m, 33, fleeing/attempting to elude police, possession of meth, gang associated to conduct or participate in criminal activity, simple battery, reckless driving, failure to appear (m)

Curtis, Ashley Nicole, 806 E 48th St., Chattanooga, w/f, 18, failure to appear (m), possession of meth, marijuana possession less than 1 oz., possession of drug related object, giving false name, fugitive from justice, driving while unlicensed-4th offense, window tint violation, starburst windshield crack, removing/affixing tag with intent to conceal identity of vehicle

Curtis, Patricia Carroll, 806 E 48th St., Chattanooga, w/f, 22, failure to appear (m), possession of meth, possession of drug related objects, giving false name, fugitive from justice

Davidson, Patrick Michael, 1250 Thrasher Pike, Hixson, Tenn., w/m, 36, DUI, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane

Denton, Christopher Brady, homeless, LaFayette, w/m, 33, court order

Duckworth, David Patrick, 6427 N Hwy 301, Trenton, w/m, 45, weekender

Ellison, Michael Chance, 412 Truman St., LaFayette, w/m, 24, simple battery (m)

Farmer, Elizabeth Nicole, 902 Bomar St., LaFayette, w/f, 34, hold for Chattooga County

Fitzpatrick, Shannon Rashad, 2039 Ruby St., Chattanooga, b/m, 33, probation violation (f)

Galloway Jr., Wayne Marshall, 892 Beaumont Road, Rock Spring, w/m, 44, hold for court

George, Jimmy J, 123 Rock Bluff Road, Rising Fawn, w/m, 79, hold for court

Gillyard, Lesley Shirelle, 4306 9th Ave., Chattanooga, w/f, 21, probation violation (f)

Green, Joel Lebron, 70 Circle Drive, Rossville, b/m, 49, suspended license

Guffey Jr., Randy Allen, 1850 Garrett’s Chapel Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 35, probation violation (f), burglary 1st, theft by taking (f)

Hallman, Jerry Scott, 105 Friendship Court, Chickamauga, w/m, 28, criminal trespass, terroristic threats and acts, obstruction x3 (m)

Henderson, Levi Shields, 520 Davis Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 23, open container, permitting unlawful person operate vehicle

Holmes, Brent, 1242 Round Pond Road, LaFayette, w/m, 20, statutory rape, child molestation

Hood, Benny Eugene, w/m, 42, transport to probation detention center

Hood, Dewayne Anthony, 106 Clydesdale Lane, Ringgold, w/m, 31, probation violation (f)

Jenkins, Christopher Shane, 165 Payton Lane, Ringgold, w/m, 43, probation (f)

Kaiser, Dalton Zachary, 2212 Hwy 151, LaFayette, w/m, 29, probation violation (f)

Keeton, Stanley Scott, 202 Harker Road, Fort Oglethorpe, w/m, 36, violation of parole

Keith, Mary Deanna, 6539 Old Trion Hwy., LaFayette, w/f, 28, possession of meth, hindering apprehension of criminal

King, Jeffery Matthew, 243 Lytle Road, Rossville, w/m, 27, probation violation (f)

Kirk, Gary Lynn, 420 Johnson Lake Road, Adairsville, w/m, 54, possession of meth, crossing the guard line with weapons, intoxicants, or drugs

Lee-Campbell, Brieanne Cecillia, 2001 Myrtle Ave. A, East Ridge, Tenn., w/f, 23, driving on suspended license, no insurance

Lenticum, Shelly Danielle, 164 E Pine St., Rossville, w/f, 38, hold for court

Lewis, Carla Dee, 77 Bible Road, Rossville, w/f, 52, public drunk

Lollar, Jessica Danielle, 205 E Wotring St., Rossville, w/f, 21, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass

Mangrum, Lucas Caleb, 813 Smallwood St., LaFayette, w/m, 19, probation violation (f)

Marsh II, David Junior, 631 E Garden Farm Road, Rossville, b/m, 42, burglary 2nd – no forced entry – nonresidence, probation violation (f)

Mathis III, George Bethel, 1619 Wilson Road, Rossville, w/m, 48, failure to appear (m)

McBryar, Michael Adam, 1620 S Rugby Place, East Ridge, Tenn., w/m, 33, suspended license, view obstructed on windshield

McCaghren, Angel Marie, 286 South Center, Rossville, w/f, 38, theft by shoplifting (m)

McGee, Eric Shawn, 1004 Salem Road, Rossville, w/m, 30, theft by deception

McWhorter, Austin Tyler, 37 Thompson Circle, LaFayette, w/m, 25, failure to appear (m)

Meade, Bethany Brooke, 102 Mill Wee Hollow Road, Rossville, w/f, 34, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct

Miller, Edward Deshawn, 381 Sparks St., Ringgold, b/m, 35, DUI, driving on suspended, no insurance, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving

Morgan, Justin Kerry, 3414 Clayton Ave., Chattanooga, w/m, 27, hold for court

Morris, Kevin Michael, 1112 Elm Ave., South Pittsburg, Tenn., w/m, 30, probation violation (m)

Newsome, Kenny Lee, w/m, 41, transport to probation detention center

Parrish Jr., John Thomas, 1242 Friendship Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 47, DUI, reckless driving, improper changing of lanes

Perry, Charles Leon, 703 Gilbert Lane, LaFayette, w/m, 64, obstruction of law enforcement (m), too fast for conditions, reckless driving, failure to obey traffic control device

Picca, Lisa Kay, 22 8th St., Rossville, w/f, 51, possession of meth, possession of schedule II substance

Pickard Jr., John David, 5348 Green Bryer Road, East Ridge, Tenn., w/m, 39, probation violation (f)

Pickle, Malcolm Bishop, 908 Magnolia St., LaFayette, w/m, 28, DUI, too fast for conditions, failure to maintain lane, failure to obey stop or yield

Sackett II, Danny Harold, 364 Old Grand Center Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 37, driving without valid license, no insurance, knowingly driving motor vehicle on suspended registration

Sharp, Mallory Ann, 162 Sunrise Lane, Ringgold, w/f, 24, DUI refusal, open container, failure to obey traffic control device

Smith, Dakota Colt, w/m, 22, sentenced to probation detention center

Smoak, Mitchell Kevin, 209 Glenridge Place, Rossville, w/m, 54, criminal trespass, false imprisonment

Snow, Brandon Garrett, 840 Dunwoody Road, LaFayette, b/m, 36, probation violation (f)

Stone, Dustin Lee, 321 Callan Drive, Rossville, w/m, 24, simple battery – family violence

Suttles, Monti Antonio, 4145 Ringgold Road, East Ridge, Tenn., b/m, 27, driving on suspended license, DUI, failure to maintain lane

Sweeten, Brady Alexander, 3908 Birmingham Drive, Chattanooga, w/m, 28, hindering person making an emergency phone call

Tapp, William Justin, w/m, 35, transport to probation detention center

Taylor, Paul Wayne John, 700 Friendship Road, Chickamauga, w/m, 40, driving on suspended license

Taylor, Sheri Lynn, w/f, 26, hold for Dalton police department

Townson, Rhonda Ila, 411 E Gordon Ave., Rossville, w/f, 47, driving on suspended license, no insurance, expired license plate, hold for other agency

Webb, James Wayne, 86 Katie Lane, LaFayette, w/m, 29, driving while license suspended or revoked – 1st offense

Wellborn, Kevin Ashley, 68 W Reed Road, LaFayette, w/m, 58, failure to appear (f), failure to appear (m), hold for court

Williams, Jeffery Alan, 4863 Straight Gut Road, LaFayette, w/m, 40, probation violation (f)

Wilson, Brittany Elizabeth, 2199 Peavine Road, Rock Spring, w/f, 27, public drunk

Woods, James Wayne, w/m, 22, return from furlough

Wooten, Michael Vinson, 902 Bomar St., LaFayette, w/m, 35, suspended license

Younce, Lorie Lynne, 28 Longstreet Road, Rossville, w/f, 52, disorderly conduct