For years Walker County voters misguidedly put our trust in a commissioner who turned out to be a deadbeat, writing massive checks on our account that she knew she would never honor. When we finally threw her out and hired a new commissioner, he turned out to be a glad-hander, smiling, speaking positively, making promises, while he has his hand in your pocket, taking your money right now. Why can’t we simply make these people understand; the job is not to take our money, but to manage spending so we can afford to live in the place we love.

We must make better choices. While we are stuck with our current commissioner for two more years, we can choose to change our commission makeup this election, from a single commissioner to a multi-member commission system. We can install a fair representative system, whereby we all can have our concerns voiced and supported by commissioners who may live in our neighborhood, work where we work, or simply share the same feelings about the way things get done. One commissioner cannot know what you need, or just may not care. Do we really want that much power in the hands of one man? Can he resist the temptation to act without better counsel? Can he know what is good for us all? We know that one man cannot have enough wisdom or knowledge to be blindly trusted, so let’s back him up with a team of citizens, with different points of view, of various backgrounds, from all around the county, who we can see and talk to before decisions are made. We may still not agree with the outcome, but at least we can feel like we have more input into the process.

I urge all concerned voters of Walker County to vote to change from our current single commissioner county management system to a new multi-member county commission, starting Monday, Oct. 15, for early voting, or on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Do this for your children, your neighbors, your future. Vote early and vote often.

Chris Durden, Center Post

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