Leeha Sue Marie Ellis

Leeha Sue Marie Ellis

Catoosa County sheriff's detectives recently arrested a woman who allegedly helped set up the assault and robbery of a pizza delivery person in Ringgold in September.

According to the Sheriff's Department:

Leeha Sue Marie Ellis, 22, of Country Green Road in Ringgold, was arrested Sept. 27 on a single count of robbery.

Ellis was released from jail on a $5,000 on Oct. 2.

Ellis' arrest came almost three weeks after she was allegedly involved in the attack and robbery of the Domino's delivery driver.

During that incident on Sept. 9, the delivery person was called out to Holcomb Road just after midnight and was subsequently jumped by two men and robbed of $35 worth of pizza.

The two men then fled the scene on foot toward the area of Boynton Drive.

The victim offered a description of the men and claimed a woman made the call ordering the pizzas.

Capt. Chris Lyons says the investigation led them to Ellis, whom they believe initiated the attack.

"She's been arrested and charged in the case because we believe she made the call initiating the robbery," Lyons said.

Detectives are still looking for the two male suspects, but Ellis wasn't too helpful when questioned.

"She refused to give a statement after being arrested," Lyons said.

The two suspects were described as white males appearing to be in their early 20s. One suspect was said to be wearing a dark-colored hoodie, while the other has jet black hair with bangs.

The victim suffered some jaw pain and bleeding from his mouth during the attack, but was able to take himself to the hospital for evaluation.

Anyone with information about the incident or the two suspects is encouraged to contact the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department at 706-935-2424.

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