The Ringgold Playhouse will hold open auditions next week for its final production of the 2018 season.

With Neil Simon’s “Rumors” slated to open this week, the company is already looking for players for its next show, “The Hallelujah Girls,” which will run for two weekends in mid-September.

Auditions are open to everyone and will take place at the historic Ringgold Depot Monday, July 23, and Tuesday, July 24, at 7 p.m.

Director Ronald King says the show is extremely funny and has roles available for six women and two men.

“This show is full of southern women full of southern sass,” King said. “I’m excited to be back at the director’s table for this season closer.”

Play synopsis

Hilarity abounds when the feisty females of Eden Falls, Georgia, decide to shake up their lives. The action in this rollicking Southern comedy takes place in “SPA-DEE-DAH!,” the abandoned church-turned-day-spa where this group of friends gathers every Friday afternoon. After the loss of a dear friend, the women realize time is precious, and if they're going to change their lives and achieve their dreams, they have to get on it…now! Sugar Lee, the group’s high-spirited, determined leader, has her hands full keeping the women motivated. Carlene's given up on romance, having buried three husbands. Nita's a nervous wreck from running interference between her problematic son and his probation officer. Mavis' marriage is so stagnant she's wondering how she can fake her own death to get out of it. And sweet, simple Crystal entertains them all, singing Christmas carols with her own hilarious lyrics. The comic tension mounts when a sexy ex-boyfriend shows up unexpectedly, a marriage proposal comes from an unlikely suitor and Sugar Lee's archrival vows she'll stop at nothing to steal the spa away from her. By the time the women rally together to overcome these obstacles and launch their new, improved lives, you've got a side-splitting, joyful comedy that will make you laugh out loud and shout “Hallelujah!”

Character descriptions

CARLENE TRAVIS: (30s to 60s) A no-nonsense gal with dry wit. Married three times, and branded the “Black Widow of Eden Falls, Ga.” Crystal’s sister.

NITA MOONEY: (30s to 60s) A very sweet, simple country woman. Lives vicariously through romance novels and their storylines (which she has memorized).

MAVIS FLOWERS: (30s to 60s) Has been married over forty years to a husband who is oblivious to her and anything else he is not personally interested in. A kind-hearted woman that longs for more romance and attention in her marriage.

CRYSTAL HART: (30s to 60s) Daffy and loveable. Very creative, extroverted, and undaunted. Crystal regularly dresses in costume and sings her own lyrics to popular Christmas songs. *Actress playing this role must be able to sing confidently, but not necessarily perfectly.

SUGAR LEE THOMPKINS: (30s to 60s) The idea of a Southern woman. Dramatically attired in an explosion of color, Sugar Lee is vivacious, strong, and smart. It is her idea to turn the old church into a day spa

BUNNY SUTHERLAND: (30s to 60s) Upbeat and seemingly pleasant, Bunny wears an ever-ready sunny smile all the while being deliciously judgmental and passive aggressive. The self-proclaimed social arbiter of Eden Falls.

BOBBY DWAYNE DILLAHUNT: (30s to 60s) Unaware of his rugged good looks, Bobby Dwayne has a self-depreciating sense of humor and a charming manner. He dated Sugar Lee in high school and wanted to marry her.

PORTER PADGETT: (30’s to 60’s) A good hearted, gregarious blowhard. Porter doesn’t know when to shut up and tends to talk louder than most people. He really enjoys his own humor and has a big “horsey laugh.” Porter works for the post office and lives with his mother.

Actors only have to attend one night of auditions. However, call backs will be held Wednesday, July 25 if deemed necessary by the director.

Production dates for the show are Sept. 13-15 and 20-22.