Nick Millwood

Nick Millwood

The city of Ringgold sent out a letter this week informing residents that a test of its drinking water showed an unusually high level of haloacetic acid earlier this year.

The letter, which was sent out Wednesday, states that the Ringgold water system contained high levels of "disinfection byproducts above drinking water standards."

Thursday evening, Mayor Nick Millwood took to social media to explain the isolated testing report from June, which resulted in the letter being sent out.

"The EPD takes quarterly samples from two sites in the city, and in one of those samples there was a spike in the Haloacetic Acid level," Millwood said. "This sample was taken in June during a particularly rainy season that our water plant manager believes caused the spike. It was the only time....ever....there has been a reading above the allowed levels for this water plant."

According to the letter, the state safe level for haloacetic acid is set at .060mg/l. The June reading came exceeded that level with a reading of

Millwood says the most recent readings have returned to the proper levels.

"Our most recent sample from September was considerably below the allowed level of 0.06 mg/l," he said. "However, the one spiked reading caused the four-quarter average to be slightly above that at 0.063 mg/l. The letter you received is the city doing our due diligence to inform you that it happened, and we have no concern there are any issues with our drinking water now or in the future."

The letter goes on to state that no source of alternative drinking water is necessary at this time.

"Although this is not an emergency, as our customers, you have the right to know what happened, what you should do, and what we are doing to correct the situation."

Water Plant Manager Donnie Ariks says the plant is flushing lines more often and adjusting the way water is treated in the wake of the issue.

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