Bluff View Paving Ringgold

The city of Ringgold recently awarded a road work bid to repave and repair Bluff View Drive in the Bluff View subdivision. / Adam Cook

The city of Ringgold has awarded a construction bid for work to repair and repave Bluff View Drive in the Bluff View subdivision.

During the Aug. 27 City Council meeting, City Manager Dan Wright explained that the project will be paid for with both city and state funds.

“We held the bid opening and the lowest responsible bidder was Northwest Georgia Paving at $133,765.93,” Wright said. “When you look at where we are on that project, the LMIG (Local Maintenance Improvement Grant) funded $49,879.93, and of course that’s through the Georgia Department of Transportation. The difference is $83,886.”

Wright says the work will cost more than the city was initially planning to spend, but the he and city staff crunched some numbers and can cover the work by restructuring a purchase in another department.

“We budgeted in the 2018 budget $53,000 for a difference of $30,886,” Wright said. “In spending some time in the budget today and also in the capital improvement program, we identified the street department’s budget of $120,000 from the fund balance to be used for the purchase of a street sweeper.”

Wright said he and Public Works Director Mike Cagle have discussed purchasing a less expensive street sweeper as a way of filling both needs.

“We’ve talked about that (purchasing a street sweeper) for a number of years, and in working with Mike Cagle, we’ve looked at some street sweepers and there are some smaller solutions than the great big sweepers that you see that go through parking garages and those types of things that are used every day in a commercial type capacity,” Wright said. “We feel that we can buy something substantial for about $80,000, so the 31,000 could be used if you see fit to use it, from the fund balance to pay the remainder of this resurfacing project”.

Wright said Bluff View is one of our longest and widest streets, and that the work will include more than just paving.

“Not only will we be resurfacing this, we will also doing a lot of various milling through there,” Wright said. “If you’ve driven through recently you’ll notice how on the right-hand side or the curbside of the road you have a lot of impressions. We will be milling those areas out and getting a good substantial base under that. There’s also some stormwater areas that we need to address.”

As far as adjusting the type of sweeper it will pursue, Wright said the city can reach its sweeping goals with a smaller machine.

“We’ve identified a couple of machines that are in the high $70,000s,” Wright said. “We’re looking for a curbside machine to mainly use after parades and events, and on sidewalk areas through town. It’s so we can get into smaller areas than a full-sized type apparatus.”

Wright added that the project could begin by the end of the year, but that a specific timetable hasn’t been pinned down yet.

“I believe that they’re talking about before the end of the year,” he said. “That would certainly be a condition that we would require to get the LMIG off the books by the end of the year.”