Laryy Black

Ringgold City Councilman Larry Black discusses the benefits of the new iWorQ's app during a Jan. 8 meeting. The new system will allow residents and businesses to report maintenance type issues directly to city staff. (Catoosa News photo/Adam Cook)

Ringgold residents will soon have a faster way of reporting maintenance issues to city staff after the City Council recently approved implementing a new work order app.

In December, Councilman Larry Black presented the possibility of syncing up the city's work order system with iWorQ's "Citizen Engagement" software as a way of fixing problems within the city in a quicker fashion.

On Monday night, Jan. 8, the Council unanimously approved the endeavor at a cost of $900 per year.

"The iWorQ's app would be for our customers if they have an issue where they need to create a work order...maybe brush on the street, or a traffic light out, or anything like that they feel like they'd like to report," Black said.

Black says any city resident or business would be eligible to use the new system.

"It will allow residents and others to download an app with their cell phones and mobile devices, and then enter that information for a customer work order request," Black explained. "It will then be sent to the city hall staff where they can take action and send someone from the appropriate division of the city to look at it and take action."

In addition to informing city staff quicker, the app will also give a voice to residents who can't make it to City Hall in person to report a problem, or who incur an issue after hours. The system will be live 24/7.

"There's also the capability to where we can offer feedback to our customers when they send in those work order requests," Black said. "It will give them the confirmation that the work order request has been acted on or approved."

Officials say the app will be a great way for the city to be notified of downed tree limbs or power lines, potholes, or even broken water lines.

Black and City Manager Dan Wright believe the system could be ready to go with the app available for download in 30 days or so.

Adam Cook is a general assignment reporter and covers the Walker-Catoosa County area. He has been a reporter since 2009. He can be reached at The Catoosa County News office at 706-935-2621 and by email at