Catoosa County Public Schools and the Sheriff's Department investigated an incident at Ringgold Middle School Thursday morning, Nov. 30, that wound up being nothing more than a prank, officials say.

A student was found with a list of names of other students, which ultimately led to an investigation to make sure there was no threat to the students or the school. Officials did not clarify why the list might be considered threatening.

On Thursday morning, Ringgold Middle School Principal Jeff Fricks contacted the Sheriff’s Office to help investigate the list that was determined to be a middle school prank.

Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk confirmed that officers went to the school to make sure there was no threat.

"It's something we looking into," Sheriff Gary Sisk said. "We were made aware of the situation at Ringgold Middle school, but the school hasn't been put on lockdown or anything like that."

School officials and Sisk took the necessary steps to ensure child safety by determining if there was an actual threat, or just kids talking.

"The list was determined to be a prank," Fricks said. "In today’s environment we investigate every situation to make sure that students are safe at school."

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