Chuck Lee Lynn

A Tennessee man is behind bars in Catoosa County after a drug arrest where deputies reportedly found a bag of meth in his pocket following a traffic stop, police say.

According to the Catoosa County Sherriff’s Department:

Chuck Lee Lynn, 44, of Taylor Drive in McDonald, Tenn., was arrested Oct. 30 on charges of possession of meth, possession of tools for the commission of a crime, and probation violation. His bond was set at $8,500.

Lynn’s run-in with police occurred just before 7 p.m. on Oct. 30, when the vehicle he was riding passenger in was pulled over on Everglades Boulevard in Rossville over broken tail and brake lights.

An acquaintance of Lynn’s was driving the vehicle for him while he was riding in the passenger seat.

Early in the encounter, Lynn made the impromptu claim that all the items in the vehicle belonged to the driver, but that the car was in fact his, reports show.

Shortly thereafter, deputies performed a pat-down of Lynn and noticed something in his pants pocket.

Lynn claimed that before the stop, his driver friend had stuffed something unknown in his front left pocket.

“Inside Mr. Lynn’s front left pocket, Deputy Lewis found a small bag with a crystal-like substance inside that appeared to be methamphetamine,” Deputy Joshua Moore said.

While Lynn was being detained in handcuffs, the driver told deputies that there was marijuana and a smoking pipe in the vehicle that also belonged to Lynn.

Deputies say the found the pipe near the passenger seat, but were unable to locate any marijuana even though the odor of such could be smelled in the vehicle.

The driver admitted to deputies that he might have an active warrant out of Hamilton County, Tenn.,

Dispatch confirmed that claim and the driver was arrested also. However, after both men were transported to Catoosa County jail, officials in Hamilton County relayed that they didn’t wish to place a hold on the driver.

Instead, the driver was released from custody without being booked.

Per Lynn’s request, the vehicle was turned over to the driver in lieu of being towed.

Deputies then gave the driver a courtesy ride back to Rossville to retrieve the vehicle.

Adam Cook is a general assignment reporter and covers the Walker-Catoosa County area. He has been a reporter since 2009. He can be reached at The Catoosa County News office at 706-935-2621 and by email at