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Pamphlet ‘disturbing’

Returning from prayer meeting this week, I found an unsolicited post card from the Catoosa County Republican Party. It was disturbing by its content and illustration of a communist symbol over a current political candidate.

Catoosa County has a great history of feisty but mannerly political fussing among its citizens. We enjoy having our opinions and conversations over coffee and on the courthouse lawn. However, we are blessed in our peaceful county without worry about being called names or threatened by what we believe.

This recent Catoosa County Republican mail-out is an attempt to bully, to frighten and to cause strife in our county. Attempting to make someone out to be a communist because they support a certain candidate is not civil nor is it in the spirit of our community.

We do not need the communist symbol. We do not need the Catoosa County Republican party bringing such discord into our beloved county. Hate is never good.

Your Christian servant,

Bruce Sloan,

Catoosa County