Letter to the editor

I am writing to express appreciation for the public service of Ms. Bebe Heiskell, Walker County commissioner. After serving 16 years as commissioner, Ms. Heiskell completes 40 years of service to the people of Walker County. I first met her when she was an administrative assistant to then Commissioner Roy Parrish many years ago.

Over the years, I have had numerous occasions to meet with Commissioner Heiskell on a variety of issues: The Walker County Historical Society’s various projects, the Marsh House, and needs of the Noble Community. Whatever the need that I was presenting, I always found a kind and caring response from Commissioner Heiskell and a willingness to help to the extent of available resources. There are many good things in Walker County that we might not have without the devoted service of Ms. Heiskell, including an excellent fire rating, public water supplies throughout most of the county, the preservation of the Marsh House, the preservation of much historic open land in McLemore’s Cove, several books published on historic Walker County, and the Primary Healthcare Clinics in Rossville and La Fayette. There are many more.

I just wanted to publicly thank Ms. Heiskell for her long and devoted service to the people of Walker County. It is rare for one person to serve so long and so well.

David P. Boyle, president, Walker County Historical Society