On the night of February 2, 1922, Walker County, Georgia, Deputy Sheriff John "J.C." Parrish was shot and killed while investigating a "whiskey running" operation or "moonshine" operation near Kendrick Switch in the High Point community of Walker County.

Deputy Parrish’s fourteen-year-old half brother, Cecil Parrish, was also shot and killed.

Additionally, Thomas Partain died in the gunfire.

I am working to have Deputy John "J.C." Parrish’s name engraved on the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. (www.nleomf.org).

From my research, I have found that Deputy Parrish was never married. His sister, Emma Parrish, married Ben Autry (Autrey) in 1894. Born to this union were children Rose 1896, Ada 1897, Charles 1899, Henry 1903, Mary Dorothy 1905 and Melvin 1910.

I am trying to locate descendants of Emma Parrish Autry to include them in the application for consideration of John "J.C." Parrish’s name to the Memorial Wall.

I would be grateful to hear from grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins, nephews and nieces of the Emma Parrish Autry family so I can complete the application.

Adding the name of one of our fallen deputies to the Memorial Wall is priority for me as the sheriff of Walker County.

I can be contacted at 706-638-1909, extension 1231; email swilson@walkerso.com; or Post Office Box 767 Lafayette, GA 30728.

With appreciation,

Steve Wilson, Walker County sheriff

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