Dear editor,

Georgia needs a new governor, a governor whose integrity will be an example to all who seek to hold office. Everyone enjoys being number one, but Nathan Deal being chosen as the most crooked governor in the US is not something to brag about for us Georgians.

The really sad thing is that we should have known about his character when we first elected him. His resignation from Congress so he could run for governor came at a time when he was being investigated for questionable ethics in Congress, an investigation that ceased with his resignation. How convenient! Continuing his wicked, unethical ways as governor, he has cost the state of Georgia money, time, and reputation.

To see the results of Deal’s mismanagement of our state, we only have to look at what has happened to our gutted educational system. Shortened school years and furloughed teachers do not promise a bright future for our students. Our teachers found out just how much Deal cares about them last year with the great insurance debacle. We can’t become a great state without a great education for our children.

I believe people in both parties in our state should ask themselves with whom they want to be aligned. Do we want to elect a crook as our governor just because he calls himself a Republican? We have a chance to say to the world that Georgia cares about integrity. 

Pam Halliday, LaFayette

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