Pennies for Prom

Dear editor,

Pennies for Prom was set up to help students in Catoosa County attend their prom by providing dresses, tuxedo rentals and tickets. Thank you to all who donated the dresses or purchased tickets.

Donations provided 25 dresses for girls, eight tuxedo rentals, flowers for three girls and six tickets for students. Nine caps and gowns were also purchased for those who could not afford them.

Thank you to Alvin and Sherry Mashburn for allowing the Remco business office to be used for drop off of dresses. Thank you also to the staff at Farm To Fork for taking care of items that were dropped off there and for ticket donation.

We would like to thank Madelyn Bandy at Ringgold Telephone Company for the story on and for the donation, Kathryn Ward at Chattanooga Times for the Pennies for Prom story and First Volunteer Bank for helping set up a bank account.

Thank you to the following: The Evitt Foundation for the very generous gift, Mbellish Salon and New Image for styling the girls’ hair, Mary Kay consultant Lynn Brown for your makeup donation, Gail’s Florist for helping with flowers and for the very loving gift to one special young lady, Gail’s Alterations in Dalton for the garment bags to store the dresses and the donation of dresses, Paul Acuff at the Catoosa school board for the storage space for the dresses, Southern Charm for the help with tuxedo rentals, Kendall’s Closet for the clothes racks to store the dresses, student counselors at each high school for the important task of making sure the students got the help they needed and thanks to those who helped to bag and store the dresses.

A very special thank you to Buzz Franklin and Vanita Hullender for your invaluable help. Also to Lorie Eaker, thank you for your help in coordinating everything.

Last but not least, thank you to Shay Love for setting up the Pennies for Prom Facebook page, setting up the checking account, receiving dresses and working with the counselors to get the dresses to the girls and for bringing this need to the attention of the fine folks of Catoosa County. Once again the people of Catoosa County stepped up and helped meet the need.

Looking forward to 2016 prom and graduation. If you would like to donate a good, gently used prom dress please visit the Pennies for Prom FB page.

Once again THANK YOU.

Lori Harris, Farm to Fork, Ringgold, Ga.