Letter to the editor

I KNEW that the three Walker County reps in the state legislature (Deffenbaugh, Tarvin, and Mullis) would pull that string that even though it passed by a 3-to-1 margin, it would not be enough to convince them to press for a vote that would count in creating a board of commissioners for Walker County because only a small percentage of voters participated. Mullis' taking this position is as certain as water is wet. One of the three even suggested that 70,000 people should have a say-so in changing the form of local government.

1) Walker County does NOT have 70,000 VOTERS.

2) All of the registered voters in the county HAD the opportunity to voice their opinion on the issue of a sole commissioner or a board. That they did not choose to participate means they relegated that decision to those who bothered to go vote. The next opportunity should be in a binding referendum once the state legislature votes to allow the voters of Walker County to decide the issue. Are they afraid to have such a vote? This would give those who did not participate in the first vote another opportunity to make a choice.

3) Are these three representatives illegitimate because we have not heard from the folks who stayed at home and did not vote one way or the other when they were elected? 15% of the population should not give them the authority to be our representatives if you use their logic on the commission vote. Do the SPLOST votes not count because of the lower voter turnout? Seems no matter how low the turnout, everyone ends up subject to the tax.

It is a complete sham to say the folks who did not participate in the voting have not been heard. They had their chance. They even should have another chance. For the elected representatives to not follow through with appropriate legislation in the state legislature means that they are NOT representing the voters. And if they cannot do that, then it is time that they be voted out of office and replaced with representatives who listen to THE VOTERS. NOT the population, but the VOTERS of that population.

Sherman Gibbs, LaFayette