Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,

I usually do not pay much attention to the tripe spewed out by one of our local gossip blogs that claims to be some sort of “news” source. They make this claim in order to attempt to legitimize some of the most blatant misrepresentations that I have ever seen in print.

While they boast some 10,000-plus likes to their Facebook page, I suspect most, like I used to, simply liked the page just to make sure some of the muck that they rake is not about them. Based on the fact that only a handful of people ever regularly post on the page, the remaining are either “purchased likes” or purely spectators. I personally “unliked” the page some time back, but now am tasked with the review of some of the content to forward on to legal resources.

Frankly, they have said about all that could possibly be fabricated about myself, my family and my business, so mostly they just repeat the same old venom — repeatedly. This post really caught my eye and in fact is one of the few in quite some time that I found particularly offensive.

It is as follows:

“Jesus didn’t say ‘and I know the truth but I’m keeping it to myself because it might be controversial.’ No, He knew the truth, He saw through the lies and the confusion and the thousand years of tradition and knew that all of humanity was heading for hell unless people changed. He laid it out, told them what was going on and showed the right and the wrong. It caused people to stop getting along with each other, it disrupted the community and resulted in major disunity within the established church. It also cost Him – not his job, but His life.

And we’re better off because of it.

Christ didn’t go around intentionally picking fights with people, He didn’t cause controversy for controversy’s sake, but he also didn’t back down from a verbal battle or hold back His message to protect people’s feelings. And that, in essence, is what this is about. Saying what needs to be said, flipping over some rocks, in hopes of bringing a little light back into this community before it completely dies.”

First of all, any comparison of this gossip blog to that of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ should raise the ire of the most backslid of us Christians.

Secondly, I seriously doubt if this amalgamation of miserable individuals would recognize the truth if it reared up and bit them on the hind quarters. Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus advocate anything but love and forgiveness and there is nary a passage where he slanted, misrepresented or colored the truth to forward some agenda. If Christ had been a true monger of gossip and innuendo, I am sure that poor Mary Magdalene would have burst into flames on the spot or at the very least, a stoning would have ensued.

This gossip blog that promotes itself as a news media source may be fooling some people, but not most. The most vocal of posters are not even from the area and it does not take long to see a pattern of behavior.

Just think about how many new businesses coming to the area were panned by this group before their doors even opened. Sure, they do a good job of reposting Walker County Messenger articles (Sometimes it even becomes hard to tell the two organizations apart) and keep some of their “friends” informed on the latest house fire, wreck or police action.

The problem comes in when the gossip blog decides to censor news articles which do not support its agenda or prints blatant untruths if real facts to not support their agenda. An even bigger problem (and a dangerous one) occurs when elected officials participate in this blog to forward their own agenda. (Joseph Goebbels would be proud).

Bottom line, there is absolutely nothing “Christlike” about a gossip blog and any comparison with the teachings of Christ are highly offensive and downright blasphemous. Their posture does strike a Biblical tone with me however, that of the Pharisees.

I leave you with two quotes:

“If you tell a lie big enough and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

“I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.”

Both of these quotes came from one who mastered the use of media to advance an agenda. His name? Adolf Hitler.

Michael Lovelady, LaFayette