Dear editor,

In Georgia, our governor and state legislators say that they value children, families, and education, but their actions tell a different story. Since 2004, they have cut nearly $1 billion from our schools. As a result, school districts across the state have been forced to make drastic cuts year after year. Teaching positions and valuable programs have been lost. Class sizes continue to increase while the number of school days decreases.

Education is an investment in the future of our communities and our state. However, for the past 10 years our lawmakers have made a conscious decision to stop investing in that future, and our children and state are suffering because of that decision.

This year we can choose to re-elect the people who have stopped investing in our future or we can vote for a change. Jason Carter believes that a properly funded school system is good for both our children and the economic health of our state. A thriving education system provides opportunity and attracts businesses. We deserve nothing less.

Christine Sandow, LaFayette

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