Letter to the editor

A couple of Thursdays ago (Nov. 5), my mama was on her way to me from Florida and she got a flat tire. She was able to make it to a Shell gas station to the left of the off ramp. She asked if there was anyone that could help her.

You were in the store already. I guess you are a regular in that gas station. You were eating an ice cream sandwich, reading the paper, and the girl behind the counter asked if you could help.

You quietly stood, made your way out to her car, and took to helping her change her flat. You had a very calm and quiet demeanor about you and she described you as resembling the gentle giant from “The Green Mile.”

At some point you noticed my mama’s hearing aid and cochlear implant and began signing while you talked. She can read lips very well. The fact that you took the time to talk to her carefully and made sure you were face to face with her, speaks immense volumes of you, good sir. You were very patient with both my mama and I as I spoke with you on the phone while trying to get her to the tire store so she could get her flat repaired.

What you probably didn’t know was my mama was on her way to me because my mother-in-law had just lost her battle with brain cancer. She was on her way so she could be mine, my husband’s and my little girl’s rock in such a trying time in our lives. She has always been my rock. She’s been there every step of the way of this seemingly long roller coaster ride, lasting barely three months from the time she was diagnosed to the last time we said goodbye.

To you, it was probably just another day, but to me it meant the world. So I’m writing this in hopes that it will some day find you and let you know just how special you are in my eyes. Because you never know just how important your actions are in the lives of someone else. In my eyes, if it were not for you and your help, my mama may not have made it here when she did.

You sir, will never be able to comprehend how grateful I am to you for your simple act of kindness. I will never be able to express enough how incredibly humbled I am to know that there are people out there who will still lend a helping hand no matter the circumstances. You were an angel sent by God to take care of my mama and make sure she made it here for us because He knew how much we needed her.

While I know it’s not enough, I just want to say thank you, a thousand times over, from the bottom of my heart. If I could, I would gladly shake your hand and buy you another ice cream sandwich and be grateful to be able to say thank you face to face. I cannot thank you enough.

Belle Goode, Spring Hill, Tenn.