On The Journey,

Judy Bowman“The aroma of Christ”

They were Jesus’ closest friends. Mary, her sister Martha, and their brother Lazarus lived in the village of Bethany, not far from Jerusalem. They’re mentioned several times in the Gospels and Jesus loved the time He spent in their home. Bethany was a refuge for Him that allowed Him some time away from the crowds where He could quietly enjoy His dearest friends and closest disciples. So it wasn’t surprising that He would want to be with them on that particular Saturday evening just before the Passover feast. He knew that it would be the last Sabbath of His human life and He wanted to spend it with His friends. As the day ends, they’re enjoying the intimacy of a family meal, reclining together as Mary, Martha, and Lazarus serve as their hosts for the evening.

Our eyes follow Mary as she offers food and drink to Jesus and His Apostles. She knows them all well by now, giving each one their favorite morsels and making sure everyone has all that they need. Mary’s presence in the Gospels is central on only three occasions and in each one she’s seen sitting at the Lord’s feet. We remember when her sister Martha becomes angry because Mary doesn’t help serve Christ and His friends on an earlier visit. While Martha cooks, Mary sits at Jesus’ feet and listens to Him speak (Luke 10:38-42). Next, Mary is crying in sorrow before Christ at the death of her brother, Lazarus (John 11:32), and tonight, as she brings a special offering to Christ (John 12:1-8). Tomorrow, Jesus will leave them to ride into Jerusalem as the crowds wave their palm fronds shouting, “Hosanna!” But tonight, they are at home, enjoying each other’s company. As dinner ends and everyone talks and relaxes together, Mary slips out of the room. When she returns, she’s carrying a small pint jar of a costly perfume. Worth a year’s wages, the perfume called “nard” was used in Jewish homes in times of celebration, marriage, and to anoint the dead. Tonight Mary would unknowingly use it for all three of these purposes.

As she kneels before her Savior, Mary lets loose her long hair and anoints Jesus’ head and feet with the costly mixture. It’s an intimate and tender moment of extravagant love. Imagine it unfolding between them. Smell the rich, delicious fragrance of the perfume running down over His shining hair. It envelopes His Body with its delightful aroma. His flowing tunic is soon drenched with its pungency. Wherever Jesus goes over the next week, the perfume will go with Him. The fragrance of that love will cling to Him into the Passover; into the Garden of Gethsemane; into Herod’s hall; into Pilate’s courtyard; even into the cruel hands of the men who cast lots for His robes. Just as Jesus had foretold that evening, Mary’s gift of love would be remembered throughout time. With every lash of the scourge on His back, Mary’s gift was remembered. With each nail driven in His flesh, her love was felt. The sweet fragrance of her extravagant gift stayed with Christ as He hung on the Cross and poured out His own gift of life for our salvation. One gift of extravagant love followed by the ultimate extravagance of Love Himself, dying for you and for me. Mary teaches us the disciple’s way; how to serve others, love others and adore Jesus. Don’t hold back, don’t count the cost. Be with Him. Do for Him and for all those He loves. Don’t just give a little of yourself—give everything. Give your most precious gifts. The Lord sees them and loves you for them. Pour out your love for Him wherever and whenever you can. Let your very life be that precious fragrance our Lord breathed in that night at Mary’s house in Bethany. And pray that you’ll hear the same incredible words she heard Him say about her: “She has done a beautiful thing to Me.” (Mark 14:6)

“For we are the aroma of Christ….” — II Corinthians 2:15

MaKayla Thomas, North Whitfield Baptist ChurchThis Sunday Brother JT Sanders preached on how you are lost without God and you can’t make excuses. The excuse of being an atheist, careless, “having no proof”, and any other excuse can be disproven in His word. God’s word is true and always will be.

As for upcoming events, we have an “ Ice Cream Social” after the evening service the 28th. We also have the youth working on bags for the homeless October 5th and a pancake breakfast the 26th.

Be sure to come down to North Whitfield sometime we would love to have you!

Glenda Smiley, Pleasant Valley Baptist ChurchThe heat has been oppressive for the last few days. Church is cool and comfortable. Come and hear truth preached where you can learn of Christ and eternal life. In not knowing Christ, the option is a far hotter place!

Pastor Flood’s message was focused on Genesis 29:15-28. The book of Genesis covers more dispensation periods of the Bible than any other. It is a book of many beginnings. The Old Testament reveals the New Testament.

This portion of scripture is the story of Jacob, twin of Esau, and son of Isaac. His name means supplanter or to circumvent. Jacob was known for tricker in his life. In this story, the tricker becomes the tricked.

Jacob’s heart belonged to Rachel. Laban, the father of Rachel, made an agreement Jacob would serve him for seven years for the hand of Rachel in marriage. After completing the seven years, Leah, Rachel’s sister and the elder, was sent into Jacob at the time of marriage. The following morning, Jacob saw Leah in Rachel’s place. Jacob did not push Leah aside or fail to fulfill his obligation to her in marriage. Jacob served another seven years for the hand of Rachel.

Jacob is a type of Christ in our past, present, and in prophecy. Jacob was chosen above his twin, Esau. Esau possessed the birthright as the elder but gave it up to Jacob. Jacob is a picture of Adam who holds the birthright of humanity which he sold out for sin. Adam is the father of humanity. Christ the father of Christianity. Jacob was hated and fled to a foreign country just like Christ. Christ left heaven to come to this foreign land. He was rejected, toiled as a servant, and taken advantage of. Jacob is a type of Christ.

Jacob is a type of Christ in the present by marrying Leah. Jacob married Leah the first born. Leah represents the church, the Gentile bride. Later Rachel was received. The church is espoused to Christ, the bride of Christ. Rachel represents Israel. She was chosen out, loved, and the apple of Jacob’s eye just as Israel is the apple of God’s eye. Leah, the Gentile bride is the church working today.

Jacob is a type of Christ in prophecy. His first marriage to Leah (church) set aside Rachel (Israel). In this day, Israel has been set aside, but God is not through. God is working today through the Gentile bride, the church. God shut up Rachel’s womb so that she produced no offspring. Only Leah produce offspring. Gentiles are to bring forth fruit during this period of time. time of Gentiles. Gentiles are fertile and commissioned to produce fruit by the witness of Christ in their lives. Gentiles, the church today, is charged with producing fruit; if not, the church is not fulfilling the great commission of God. One day as Leah produced fruit, Rachel (Israel), shall produce fruit. God will bring Rachel out. Leah, the church, will be taken up, and Rachel (Israel) shall come forth again. Jacob returned home taking both of his wives. Jacob was afraid of Esau because of the stolen birthright sending forward offerings to please his brother. In a troubled dream, God visited Jacob and his name was changed to Israel, The Prince. Thereafter, Jacob is referred to as Israel.

Genesis is attacked and denied by many. Believers accept Genesis as God’s Word and all that it contains. All creation was created in maturity. Adam and Eve did not grow to be adults. They were created adults. Rocks and mountains did grow to be their size. They were created that way. The origin of all things is God created! The first chapter speaks of the fall and ruin of mankind. The remaining book and, indeed the Bible, tells who God is and His intention for man to restored to fellowship. Man is foolish to ignore the lessons of God. Man puts too much emphasis on the unimportant and ignores those God says are important. Looking for answers in space, seas, on earth ignores God and answers will not be found, Man was created to be dominant over creation to glorify and worship God. Search anywhere in the universe to find answers to questions which will only be found in God’s Word, the Bible. The entire Bible reveals His plan to restore mankind in types, shadows, events and stories. Holy Spirit reveals, step by step, how to bring man back to God.

It is not so important where we came from, but where we are going? God has a plan. In death or life God can change us completely. Give us new hope! Our past should not dictate our future. Our history can cause defeat if allowed. Use the past to strengthen. It is not about what a person use to be, but what they are today. God didn’t put eyes in the back of heads, but the front. Keep eyes on Christ! Serve the Lord. God has given the ability to bring forth fruit.

Many exciting things taking shape at Pleasant Valley Baptist. In the next few weeks, there will be several events. Vacation Bible School began this week, July 22-26, 6:30 pm, 4K-12th. If you haven’t taken part, it’s not to late. Bring your kids and all the neighbor’s. We are excited to have fun and teach God’s Word. Kids will have a great time!

This Sunday, July 28th will the Homecoming for Pleasant Valley Baptist. There will be no Sunday School and service will begin at 10:30AM. The Bondservants, gospel singers, will be our special guest. After the service, there will be a potluck meal. There will be no evening services. Homecoming is coming home. You are invited! If you have ever been a part of Pleasant Valley Baptist, please come home on this special day. There will be fun, fellowship, renewing old friendships, and plenty of food! Everyone is looking forward to seeing you!

August 11th, PVBC will honor and recognize the retirement of Brother Harry Hullender. Harry is friend and family to many in the area. Please come and celebrate this great moment in his life. He would be blessed and so would you! There will be a food fellowship after the service.

Saturday, August 10, 3PM, we will acknowledge the start of school. PVBC will hold a Back 2 School Bash. There will be good food and fun. There will be free book bags with school supplies presented. Please let us be a blessing and help provide some of the school needs kids may have.

Birthday wishes are sent to Ms Emma Jo Davis (23rd). May God bless you on your special day!

Please pray with us for those with physical needs, Jewel Mitchell, Carolyn Denton, Lula Petty, Denise Pitts, Claudette Armstrong, and many others of which the Lord knows their name and their need. Pray for Pastor Flood and his family, for the church and ministries including missionaries, Sunday school, youth, nursing homes and homeless, orphans. Pray for our country/leaders, congress, Israel/America. Remember the border and the Iran situation. Pray for PVBC to grow and spread the gospel in this area.

Services are live streamed on Facebook. Service times are Sunday School 10AM, Worship 11AM, Evening 6PM with prayer at 5:45PM. Wednesday Bible Study and Youth meet at 7PM. Call for transportation 706 537-3633.